Commissioners have no new information on inmate death

PORTSMOUTH The Scioto County Commissioners met Tuesday for their regularly scheduled meeting.

From the agenda, Commissioners approved the minutes of June 4, approved communication from the sanitary engineer regarding customer reimbursements, and approved the sanitary engineer’s bid award for the Lucasville lining and manhole project.

Other matters of business included the adoption of a resolution authorizing Mike Crabtree, on behalf of the Scioto County Commissioners, to execute the CARES act grant regarding the Portsmouth Greater Regional Airport and the acceptance of a resolution approving the issuance of exempt facility revenue bonds.

Commissioners also accepted a memorandum of understanding between the consortium of county law library resources and the Scioto County Commissioners, adopted a resolution supporting Ohio Valley Regional Development, and approved Electronic Monitoring House Arrest invoices for April 2020. Commissioners stated the EMHA invoices were for 25 defendants and a total of 582 days with no cost paid by defendants, leaving $8,439 to be paid by the county.

Commissioners state that new teams of those in detention programs are being pulled together to resume community service projects around the county, including collecting litter and trash along roadways.

In regards to COVID-19, Commissioners stated that they feel that accurate numbers will never be truly known due to the amount of testing capabilities and believe that Southern Ohio has been lucky for its current low numbers. Commissioners stated that taking necessary precautions such as social distancing is still important as we learn more about the virus.

Commissioner Davis gave an update and stated that no new information was available regarding the death of Kevin Bailey, the inmate who died at the Scioto County Jail. Davis stated that he believes it is important to allow for due process.

“I encourage everyone to be patient; I know everyone is worried. I know everyone is concerned, but try to be patient during this time while the investigation is ongoing. Hopefully, we will hear something soon,” said Davis. “We have no information at this time.”