King’s Daughters now offers convenient Urgent Care virtual visits

Staff Report

ASHLAND, Ky – King’s Daughters Health System is pleased to announce the availability of Urgent Care virtual visits. Urgent Care telehealth visits are a fast, easy way to get the healthcare you need, on your terms.

Telehealth virtual visits are available to persons of all ages, from newborns to seniors. The Urgent Care team evaluates all virtual appointments in advance and, if an in-person visit is more appropriate, patients will be so advised.

Our Urgent Care Centers offer virtual visits 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily, using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Telehealth visits are easy to use, private, secure and affordable. And yes, telehealth visits are covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Virtual visits are “right” for a variety of minor illnesses and conditions, including:

· Pink eye

· Rashes and other minor skin conditions

· Minor Headaches

· Fever

· Seasonal allergies

· Coughs, colds, congestion

· Bumps, scrapes

· Minor abdominal pain

· Urinary tract infections

Virtual visits are not appropriate for severe shortness of breath, chest pain, or any life-threatening or disabling condition.

When to use virtual visits

· When your doctor’s office is closed

· When you feel too sick to drive, or you don’t have a way to get to the doctor’s office

· When you’re away from home

· When you have children at home and don’t have anyone to watch them while you seek medical care

Arranging a virtual Telehealth visit is easy! Just call our Care 24/7 line at 606-408-8999 or toll free at 1-844-324-2200. Our friendly Care 24/7 team will set up your virtual appointment and explain the process. When it’s time for your visit, just click on the secure link provided.

Staff Report