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By Ivy Potter - [email protected]

Earth Candy Farmacy opens its doors

Earth Candy Farmacy opens its doors

PORTSMOUTH — Portsmouth has welcomed another new business to its downtown. Earth Candy Farmacy, located at 722 sixth street, officially opened its doors for business Thursday offering a selection of local products from farmers and artisans.

Earth Candy Farmacy carries meat, produce, jams & jellies, and cold pressed juices, all cuts of beef and specialty cuts, and pork among other items and focuses on providing a year-round farmers market experience for shoppers and suppliers.

“This way everyone involved in the farmers market can have their products available to the City of Portsmouth five days a week,” said Owner Sasha Wilson.

Wilson said she first began operating a family farm in Parkersburg, WV where she grew produce and became involved with farmer’s markets, local schools and restaurants.

“It kept growing and growing and it was just something we all really enjoyed doing,” said Wilson.

Wilson said her husband had a job opportunity in Portsmouth, so the family relocated to the area and left their farm behind along with everything they had established there.

“We really wanted to get that back, so we came up with the idea for Earth Candy Farmacy, Wilson said.” “We know how hard it is to try and make it in the markets while still having time to farm and quality time with your family. We really wanted to make it easier for all of our local crafters and Farmers.”

The business was their way of continuing the work they were doing while adapting it to help more people in a new location. Wilson said they have been working on the building since January of this year and was pushing for an April opening, but due to COVID-19 had to push back the opening another month. According to Wilson, the opening Thursday was a success and they received some very helpful feedback on ideas for the future.

“It’s really about the customers, and what all the people are really looking for that we can go out and bring it,” said Wilson. For specialty items, said there is usually someone out there that makes or produces the product and the issue is simply accessing them.

Wilson said Earth Candy Farmacy will serve as a central location for finding some of these specialty items you cannot find other places.

“Everything is local except for our bulk food, “said Wilson. “We have not yet been able to find local bulk food yet, so any local help we could find for bulk foods would be great.”

Earth Candy Farmacy is looking for all sorts of local produce and goods. “We are looking for everybody, we aren’t looking for one supplier we want a varied supplied line with everybody’s stuff in here,” Wilson said.

Earth Candy Farmacy plans to adapt to the winter months by offering canned produce, baked goods and other assorted items and is working ahead to make the connections within the community to source those items. Earth Candy Farmacy is open Tuesday-Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Earth Candy Farmacy opens its doors
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By Ivy Potter

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