New Boston Police Department still doing their jobs during pandemic

By Kimberly Jenkins - [email protected]

New Boston Police Chief, Steve Goins

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NEW BOSTON — When you call 9-1-1, you expect someone to answer and send help immediately, and that is exactly what the New Boston Police Department is continuing to do, even during this pandemic.

This week is Light Ohio Blue and we don’t want to forget our policemen and women out there risking their lives every day, but especially during this crisis. Speaking with New Boston Police Chief, Steve Goins, he talked about how things are going for his department since the stay at home order started.

“For us, it has been going good for all; our officers and our dispatchers here are very dedicated to what we do every day. Coming to work every day, a police officer knows, they could be taking a risk on what you have to do on your shift. Luckily, the village has supplied the PPE items that we need, face masks, face shields, we have jumpsuits if we need them, rubber gloves and, of course, a good amount of hand sanitizer. That helps the officers feel confident to know when they come to work; the village provides them with the items that they need for them to be safe on their shift.”

Chief Goins continued, “A policeman can pull someone over who could be wanted or had just committed a crime and they might try to hurt that officer. Now, we have to worry about catching a virus that could kill us. We have kind of tweaked what we do every day; sometimes we’ll take a call over the telephone if the offense isn’t’ that serious or we go to a call and we might speak to the resident outside of the house or on the front porch and they understand that.”

Goins added, “We have to deal with people, that’s what a police officer does, you deal with your community, …and we just can’t stop, it’s what we do. So far for us, none of the village employees have been sick. They get their temperature taken when they come to work every day. So far, we’ve been doing good, no problems, we’re still responding to calls, crashes, and if someone does a crime, we’re still doing our job.”

One particular day a few weeks ago, they had a stolen car taken from Papa John’s, and they were able to retrieve that car without any damage. Goins said, “That was a good day for law enforcement, one of my new officers, Landan Hutchinson, it was his first day and he was with captain Deerfield and it was a good experience for him.”

Chief Goins has been the chief since April 2017 and as he said about having to work under the conditions of the pandemic that he didn’t think any of us saw what was in the future for us. “Law enforcement, like many other occupations, you’ve got to be able to go with the row and the punches and work around what you have to and the main thing to me is the safety of the dispatchers and the officers who work here. I surely don’t want anyone to get hurt or get sick during this process, and we have these procedures and make sure everybody follows the procedures to keep us safe and healthy.”

Goins said that they haven’t had any problems here and that the community of New Boston supports them. “The last few weeks many of the businesses have been stopping by and they’ll bring the officers and dispatchers lunch or dinner. We really appreciate that support because they know we have to be out here; we can’t stay at home. It’s just like another workday for us. We’ve just got to keep ourselves safe.”

When talking about how the future might look and if he thinks things will be different, he said that it would be on how they interact with the public. “One of the things that I did help institute is on our website; people can get on our website and file a report online. If they can’t get out of their home or are sheltered in, they can go to the website and type in that link and they can make a report and send it to us and from there, an officer will contact that person back and we’ll start the follow-up on it. And sometimes, when we let someone in the department, we might need to take their temperature because they say this is not going away any time soon.”

Goins said that now in his department, there are only nine of them, including himself, which is not what they really need or want. He added, “The guys here, the reason this department does good is because of our officers I appreciate them and they know that. That’s my main concern is their safety healthwise and risk wise. I appreciate our dispatchers. They come in here every day, they are the one show get the calls and they take the brunt of the angry calls. I appreciate both the dispatchers and the officers.”

The Village of New Boston has according to Chief Goins, has a police department that cares about its citizens and they are out there day and night even during difficult times, looking out for them and protecting. Photos

New Boston Police Chief, Steve Goins Boston Police Chief, Steve Goins Courtesy Photos

By Kimberly Jenkins

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