A coronavirus Mother’s Day

By Kimberly Jenkins - [email protected]

“Mom-a woman who loves you unconditionally.” As we all know, this Sunday is Mother’s Day, however, it won’t be like any other Mother’s Day ever before for most people.

There won’t be any big celebrations, restaurants open, that are usually jam-packed with people celebrating with their mothers, or anything that is not celebrated without social distancing in place for most. Many of you will not even get to spend the day with your mother or your children with their grandmothers.

Let’s not forget those supermoms who have become the teacher, entertainer, babysitter, cook, and many of these moms are still working along with all of these responsibilities. These mothers have definitely earned a special day. If you cannot take them out, why not take them in with a day off. Take over their responsibilities for the day and let them watch TV, spend time on the computer, read a book and all things they no longer have time for during this time of crisis.

One of the best things you might do is, just to give them time. One way many people have written, say that if you could just talk to your mom as long as you can about something real. Gifts are great, but with everything so uncertain these days, a chunk of your time is the best and most comforting gift of all.

The Los Angeles Times had some great tips on things you can do for your mom, if you are separated from her during the coronavirus, one of them was that if you live nearby, organize a Mother’s Day parade for her. If you and your siblings are separated by state or space, or if your children are young and want to do something for grandma, organize a virtual party with them. With this idea, you could have each tell one tell their favorite story about mom, read her a poem, share a photo with discussion, and/or the children could make a card or picture with their own personal touches.

If your mother is tech-savvy, you could make a slideshow for her. Moms love to see photos. If not a parade, a walk, in front of her house with as many family members as possible, with posters, balloons, and things like that might warm a mother’s heart.

For those of you who are lucky enough to spend this weird and unusual Mother’s Day with your mother, enjoy and take in every moment, because as we have all found out this year, none of us can predict what may be happening in the future, so most of you will seize this day and do what you can to make mothers all across the country feel special. Happy Mother’s Day to all those mothers out there.


By Kimberly Jenkins

[email protected]

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Reach Kimberly Jenkins (740)353-3101 ext. 1928

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