Ohio State Highway Patrol reminds ATV riders to be safe

Staff Report

PORTSMOUTH–As summer approaches, the Ohio State Highway Patrol is reminding ATV riders to practice safe measures while enjoying the nice weather.

ATV’s are capable of carrying a person almost anywhere, but unsafe or careless operation may result in serious or fatal injuries. Last year, 18 people were killed and 178 were injured in 185 ATV crashes.

“Most injuries associated with ATV’s occur when the driver loses control, the vehicle rolls over, the driver or passenger are thrown off, or the vehicle collides with an object,” said Lieutenant Kelley, Portsmouth Post commander.“Being trained and wearing proper safety equipment saves lives.”

In order to ride safely, you must understand the limits of your abilities, the capabilities of your ATV, and the environment in which you are riding. Increase your safety awareness and operate safely in order to protect yourself and others.

Troopers remind riders to always wear a helmet and safety glasses, and never operate an ATV impaired

Staff Report