End in sight

Resuming some normalcy in daily lives.

By Ivy Potter - [email protected]

COLUMBUS — Ohio Governor Mike DeWine began Friday’s news conference by discussing the Stay Safe Ohio order, which went into effect on May 1 and replaced existing stay at home orders.

“There is a reason it’s no longer a stay at home order, it is a Stay Safe Ohio Order,” said DeWine. DeWine said there is no expiry date yet set for the date, but advised Ohioans not to panic and promised lots of progress was to come in the month of May.

DeWine stated business and industry experts were brought together to safely open up businesses. DeWine stated the goal was to open businesses back up as safely as possible. DeWine said this was so important for the safety of employees, customers, and in order for the business to thrive. “The Public has to feel that every precaution is being taken,” said DeWine. DeWine stated public confidence in local businesses was essential.

DeWine reiterated that medical offices, dentist offices, and veterinary offices were permitted to open as of May 1, and industry, construction offices were to open May 4. On May 12 retail establishments are scheduled to open, with appointments allowed for locations such as jewelry and furniture stores beginning May 1. DeWine stated curb side services for retail locations were also permitted, in the instance that procedure made sense for the establishment.

“To be able to do this and be able to move forward in the way that we want to and not back track I need your help,” said DeWine. DeWine said continuing to wear masks, being careful, looking out for vulnerable populations was a responsibility of all Ohioans as we move forward.

“If we can continue doing what you’ve been doing we will make it, and things will be able to move forward.”

DeWine said that watching for any spikes in COVID-19 cases and being mindful of health indicators would determine the rate at which Ohio continues to open up. DeWine stated that while we continue to navigate COVID-19, through these efforts this period will not last. “We are all in this together and what each of us does not only impacts us and our families but total strangers as well. So wether we like it or not we are in this together and our collective actions matter a great deal,” said DeWine. “We’ve got to stay in this together. We are one state.”

DeWine stated the end is in sight, not for the virus, but in resuming some normalcy in our daily lives.

Lt. Governor Jon Husted stated that the terms essential and non-essential were no longer in use with the new order, and ensured that businesses that have not yet been permitted to open, such as daycares, were under consideration as the state begins to reopen.

The Ohio Department of Health on Friday showed 17,962 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 781 probable cases. The data showed 3,634 hospitalizations and 1,056 ICU admissions from the Coronavirus with 1,002 total deaths.

Resuming some normalcy in daily lives.

By Ivy Potter

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Reach: Ivy Potter (740) 353-3101 Extension 1932

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