Scioto County EMA seeks PPE donations

Staff Report

Scioto EMA is urging all that are using Governor DeWine’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) request list to add an urgent plea to donate locally.

Of the PPE from the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) distributed across Ohio, Scioto County has received less than 1%.

The best way people can help the local first responders, healthcare workers, and hospitals is to donate locally through the Scioto County EMA.

Scioto EMA posted a statement on social media along with the governor’s request:

“If you have any of the items listed on Governor DeWine’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) list to donate, please contact the Scioto County Emergency Management Agency at 740-353-2014.

All PPE or other donations received by Scioto EMA will be distributed to our local First Responders, Healthcare Workers, and Local hospitals to fight the COVID-19 virus in our area.”

Staff Report