Healthcare workers make up 17% of COVID-19 cases

By Ivy Potter - [email protected]

As predicted by the Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton, 867 cases of COVID-19 were confirmed on Thursday with a growth of 163 from the day prior.

Updated numbers also showed 223 people now hospitalized due to the Coronavirus and 91 people, up 16, now in intensive care units. Acton stated that 145 individuals testing positive for COVID-19 are healthcare workers and makeup 17% of Ohio’s confirmed cases. As of Thursday, 17,316 people have been administered tests for the virus.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine opened Thursday’s press conference by stating a bill he intends to sign on Friday which would order civil, criminal and administrative time limits be told from March 9 to July 30, allowing courts more flexibility in all cases. DeWine stated that in the meantime evictions can be filed, however, courts are relieved from their statuary duty to hear those within a certain amount of time.

“It’s important that the courts have the flexibility and not be told exactly what to do in the case of a domestic violence, or other urgency,” said DeWine. “We want the courts to have the ability to take action in those cases.”

In regards to weddings and funerals, DeWine said these events are not prohibited but are advised to be done in small numbers.

“People are often postponing the larger ceremonies until later,” said DeWine. DeWine said that social distancing is buying us time and that the state is in talks with health officials all over the state to expand capacity. DeWine stated he expects Ohio to double the capacity of its hospitals and that the infrastructure for this to happen is underway. “What are doing out there every day in social distancing and doing what you need to slow this spread down buys the hospitals and all of us time to make sure we are up and ready to go when this hits. Very very important,” said DeWine.

DeWine said many have reached out in regards to donating supplies necessary in the fight against COVID-19 and in order to streamline the process of donation, a website has been created specifically for the purpose of establishing donations. The website is [email protected] DeWine stated that while getting outside and enjoying the weather is fine to do during the order, he reminds Ohio citizens to do so only in very limited numbers and said that our door basketball games and other gathering of several people is not a good idea.

When asked about the status of Ohio Schools, DeWine said he does not yet know what the future holds. However, schools being dismissed until the next school year is not out of the question. “Is it possible we do not go back into school this academic year? Absolutely,” said DeWine.

By Ivy Potter

[email protected]

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Reach: Ivy Potter (740) 353-3101 Extension 1932

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