Calls for buying local

By: Bailey Watts - [email protected]

Local business is calling on the community in a time where many doors, have been closed.

Nearly two weeks have passed since Governor Mike DeWine announced that dine-in eating was taking a hiatus to stem the rising cases of COVID-19. Today the numbers are continuing to grow.

More than 700 cases have been confirmed to date. DeWine and Donald Trump have placed increasing restrictions on gatherings of people which has led to many restaurants making cuts.

Chains like Applebees and Bob Evans have recently displaced some or all of their waitstaff. In an effort to not follow suit of the large companies, local owners are calling for commerce.

“Buy local,” has always been around. Before the days of mega-corporations such as Wal-Mart and Amazon, local was sometimes all rural areas had.

In the last years of the decade the movement became something, it hit the mainstream.

In Scioto County, local owners are calling for individuals to bring the “Buy Local,” energy to their doorsteps.

Haley Beckett is a small business owner who runs an online clothing store. While it doesn’t have a physical storefront, she is still joining in on the movement.

“Every day local stores need help.” She would continue, “Food, clothing, manual laborers.” Beckett would say it’s important to go with the “Little guys, not the big.”

In an effort to prevent kicking workers to the curb, local stores and restaurants are calling for us to turn our eyes into their windows.

“I don’t care if you shop there [Wal-Mart] I would just prefer you shop at mine, or someone else’s,” Beckett would say.

Some local shops such as Ghosts in the Attic have temporarily closed their doors.

Local restaurants like Fred’s, Toro Loco, Port City, The Malt Shop, Misty’s, Sonora’s, Pattie’s and Pints, Hickie’s and more are still open.

As COVID-19 cases continue to grow, the local community is calling for aid to ensure the business of Scioto county make it to the Summer.

By: Bailey Watts

[email protected]

Reach Bailey Watts (740) 353-3101 Ext 1931

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Reach Bailey Watts (740) 353-3101 Ext 1931

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