Commissioners criticize decisions from the Governor’s Office

By Ivy Potter - [email protected]

The Scioto County Commissioners announced new procedures for those visiting the Scioto County Courthouse.

During a meeting Tuesday, commissioners discussed the changes and asked that only those with scheduled appointments or on official business enter the building.

“We want to remind the public to refrain from any unnecessary visits to the Scioto County Courthouse,” wrote the Commissioners in a post Tuesday morning.

Commissioners also announced that, effective as of Tuesday, all visitors to the courthouse will have their temperatures taken at the security checkpoint, and anyone with a fever will be denied access. Commissioners stated that temperatures will be taken in a non-invasive way but deemed the procedure necessary to prevent spread of COVID-19.

During their regularly scheduled meeting, also Tuesday morning, commissioners addressed what long-term effects the postponement of Election Day would have for Scioto County.

“Of course, we all know the events of yesterday threw everything into total chaos, as far as the primary election,” said Commissioner Bryan Davis. “We don’t have clear directives yet. We have to wait on the Board of Elections to make that clear. One of the things that I heard was they were going to do curbside voting today, but Scioto County doesn’t have the paper ballots to do that. That’s not even possible at this moment.”

Commissioners stated they would have to wait for direction from the Board of Elections to know what the future will hold.

“We’re going to have to be patient and wait on the Board of Elections to give clear instructions on what will happen moving forward. They have a lot of work to do right now. I know they were working late last night, up until ten o’clock they were still putting machines out because they had been stopped, then they were taking machines down. I don’t know what time they got done,” Davis said.

Davis shared commissioners haven’t had a chance to talk to the Board of Election yet as of Tuesday morning.

“I think we’re going to have to lean on the State of Ohio and heavily on our local Board of Elections to work on communicating exactly where we go from here. Every vote is valuable, every vote by law, if a person wants to vote and is registered to vote they should be given the opportunity to vote. What that looks like right now, I’m not really sure. Commissioners stated they anticipate instruction coming soon and will communicate what they learn to the public,” said Davis.

Commissioner Mike Crabtree, a candidate in the primary election, stated that he did not agree with the decision to close polling places and stated he thought it to be poorly planned and scolded the governor’s office for not communicating what was to happen ahead of time.

“They took it upon themselves to cancel the election for 90 days, and I’ve heard, I don’t know what all everyone else has heard that this could extend into august,” Crabtree said. “ Do we even know if we’re going to have an election before the general election? I think at this point anyone that is running for anything, we don’t have a clue when the election is going to be.”

Crabtree shared he thought some of the precautions have been blown out of proportion.

“Obviously we don’t want anyone to get the virus that would be a potential risk, but at the same time we’re all Americans and I can tell ya, American people are probably more resilient than anyone in the world actually. They expect people to live in a bunker for 90 days, or 180 days or longer, and eat out of a paper bags when the people making that decision I’m sure they’ve still got their kitchens open and hot meals being served while we have children that sometimes don’t know if they’re getting a meal, I think some things are going to have to be looked at a little stronger,” said Crabtree.

Crabtree commented that if there is no intelligence up there in Columbus that people should step down and get someone up there that at least has the intelligence to make decisions early on and the right decisions. Commissioner Cathy Coleman agreed with Crabtree in that the decision was atrocious and could have been part of a plan shared much earlier.

Commissioner Davis stated that the communication was received too late and caused mass confusion, as well as interrupted due process placing an unfunded mandate on the county to pay poll workers.

In other matters of business, Commissioners approved the minutes of March 3 and March 12, and adopted a resolution authorizing the Scioto County Engineer to enter into an agreement with the Ohio Department of Transportation for grant funding for installation of guardrails on various roadways.

By Ivy Potter

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Reach: Ivy Potter (740) 353-3101 Extension 1932

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