Commissioners talk trash

By Adam Black - [email protected]

There was quite a bit of trash talk at the Scioto County Commissioners meeting, as District Director of Solid Waste Dan Palmer shared February’s litter totals.

Palmer shared with Commissioners Bryan Davis and Mike Crabtree numbers from the report that the Daily Times previously reported Tuesday. Palmer stated that 474 bags of litter and trash were collected with 8.71 tons of trash taken to the Portsmouth Transfer Station. Five sofas, nine toilets, 15 TV’s, three mattresses, 99 tires, and one bathtub were also removed and hauled away. Cathy Coleman was not present at the meeting.

“To me that’s inexcusable,” Palmer said to the commissioners. “We could get back to cleaning our roads if people would quit using them as dumps, our county and township roads.”

Palmer stated to the commissioners he needed the community’s help in stopping the illegal dumping of trash on the county’s roads.

“If people see this happen please call our office,” Palmer said. “Or call 911 and they will call us.”

Davis confirmed that the open dumping was a major problem in Scioto County and the community needed to come together to help keep the county clean and looking good.

“We have several being investigated right now, by our investigator at the solid waste district and people are being cited in court for this,” Davis said. “Hopefully we will have some fines come out of that because it is a tragedy what’s happening with some of our open dumps.”

Davis shared that although work release programs are helping pick up some of the garbage for the solid waste district, it’s very discouraging to him to see a road clean and then two weeks later covered in trash again.

“I don’t understand that, we need to have more pride,” Davis said. “We are going to continue to tactical this problem so we can have a nice-looking community.”

Davis encouraged Scioto County residents to report any illegal dumping they see to solid waste and stated that calls are confidential, and names will not be used.

During the meeting, commissioners also spoke about the next phases of security at the courthouse. Recently a fence was placed around the parking lot of the courthouse for the safety of judges and the public. Davis shared once the fence is completed, which is currently being constructed, they will have to repaint the parking spots within the lot.

“We got to angle, what’s not angled now has to be angled,” Davis said. “The entrance will be on the Seventh Street side and the Exit on the sixth street side.”

Davis shared he believed it would be a little longer before they were complete and then would move on to other security measures including cameras and other projects.

“There are other security projects that I’m not allowed to talk about,” Davis said. “It’s all good things just you never know who is listening if you know what I mean.”

Davis also shared the entire basement of the Annex project is currently on hold until the Governor appoints someone to Judge McFarland’s office.

“We hope that will be soon,” Davis said.

By Adam Black

[email protected]

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Reach Adam Black at 740-353-3101 Ext.1927

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