Developmental Disabilities Levy up for renewal

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March 17 is not only St. Patrick’s Day this year, but for Ohioans, it is also Election Day.

As voters and citizens, it is vitally important that voters understand not just the “what” voters are voting for but the “why.” This upcoming election finds the Scioto County Board of Developmental Disabilities with a renewal levy on the ballot. What is a renewal levy and what do residents tax dollars fund are questions that every voter should have answered?

“We have an opportunity to renew our current five-year 1.95 mil levy at the same valuation level it was originally passed (2015 home and property values), so this levy renewal will not have a negative impact on taxpayer’s own pocketbook. That is to say that this isn’t a tax increase,” Superintendent Matt Purcell of Scioto County DD said.

Scioto County DD, an agency primarily funded by levy dollars, currently serves approximately 650 individuals and their families from birth throughout their entire lives. Today more than 800 individuals in our county are eligible to receive services from the Scioto County DD. The need continues to grow in the county and the levy will support the community without adding an additional dollar amount to property taxes.

This five-year 1.95 mil levy renewal will continue to cost taxpayers just $2.84 a month for each $50,000 of property value. The dollars gleaned from this levy assist the county board in providing services such as the Vern Riffe School, Adult Day Services, Residential Service, Case Management, Behavior Support Services, Employment Navigation, Early Childhood, Advocacy, and many other specialized services from birth to end of life.

Levy dollars raised locally pay 60% of the bill for services provided to the citizens served by the county. Additionally, 30% of the bill is covered by state dollars and the final 10% is covered by federal dollars.

The cost of services per person served by Scioto DD ranges from an average of $8,763 per year for children from birth to 5 years of age to an average of $24,474 per year for students from six years to age 21, and $9,295 per year per adult served by the Scioto County DD. These funds go toward providing employment support, connections to community, assisting individuals with daily living needs and learning new skills.

A total of 422 agency and independent providers are certified to support individuals of all ages locally. Supporting the levy not only provides support for individuals with disabilities but adds to the local economy by providing jobs for members of our community.

It is the goal of Scioto County Developmental Disabilities to support the individuals served and their families in a manner that adds quality to the lives of citizens. Scioto County DD wants to continue to enhance the learning and development of the individuals served throughout their lives and assist in each and every citizen of this county to live a fulfilling, meaningful life.

Purcell summed it up best when he stated that “with the blessing of our Scioto County voters, the continuation of this levy will allow us to not only operate at our current, levels; but also allow us to improve, expand, and otherwise continue providing our service to the county utilizing our excellent service delivery model.”

If you would like to have a member of the speaker’s bureau from the Scioto County DD levy committee speak at your meeting or event please feel free to email us at [email protected] or call 740-464-2236.

Staff Report

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