PPD addresses parking issues

By Ivy Potter - [email protected]

Portsmouth Police Department sent out a reminder Tuesday regarding two-hour parking locations and advised the public that if complaints continue, they will be forced to crack down on violators.

According to a post from PPD on Facebook, the department has been receiving complaints about drivers ignoring signs indicating two-hour parking zones, especially in the downtown area. The department advised that those working adjacent to these restricted parking zones should not park in the two-hour section, instead stating most businesses have parking areas designated for employees.

The post continued to state that officers have been advised to pay particular attention to parking sections designated as two-hour parking and will take enforcement action when necessary.

From the Codified Ordinances for the City of Portsmouth, section 351.20 outlines the laws regarding two-hour parking locations. From the ordinance:

“For any 24 hours beginning at midnight and ending at the following midnight, no vehicle shall be parked for more than two hours consecutive time on any of the following streets: Second Street from Chillicothe Street to Market Street; Market Street between Second and Third Streets; Chillicothe Street from Second to Ninth Streets; Third Street from first alley west of Chillicothe Street to Third Street connector east of Chillicothe Street; FourthSt. from first alley west of Chillicothe Street east to Gay Street; 5th Street from Washington Street east to Chillicothe Street; Gallia Street from Chillicothe Street east to Offnere Street; Sixth Street from Court Street; east to Findlay; east side of Findlay Street from Gallia Street to Sixth Street and west side of Findlay Street from Sixth Street north to Seventh Street; Seventh Street from Court Street east to Findlay Street.”

Interm Portsmouth Police Chief Debbie Brewer stated the warning was posted in hopes that people would take note and abide by parking laws.

“I’m getting complaints from businesses about how their clients have no place to park due to people parking in these spaces all day long,” said Brewer. “The whole intent is to let people know that these spaces are not intended for all-day parking, it says two-hour parking and that is what we would like to see. I put that out there hoping we wouldn’t have to issue tickets. We’ll give it a couple of weeks.”

By Ivy Potter

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Reach: Ivy Potter (740) 353-3101 Extension 1932

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