Council asked to consider archery within city limits

By Ivy Potter - [email protected]

A proposition for archery hunting within city limits was presented to Portsmouth City Council during their meeting Monday.

Rich Scarberry of Portsmouth addressed the council following the evening’s legislative portion of the meeting to propose that council consider allowing archery hunting for those which comply to a certain set of rules.

Scarberry stated there are 11.07 square miles of and within the city which equates approximately 7,884 acres of land. According to Scarberry 44% of the land within the city is uninhabited, roughly 3,500 acres.

“I propose a $10 fee to every archer that would have to purchase that and would be money toward a renewable resource,” Scarberry said.

Scarberry presented statistics on gun-related hunting deaths to council and stated he was unable to find anywhere a fatality was involved as a result of an archery incident.

“I’m not asking for firearms in any means. Archery only,” said Scarberry.

Scarberry stated this idea of archery hunting was presented to the council previously in 2009 and said there would be several benefits to allowing responsible archery hunting. Scarberry stated archery would reduce the risk of Lyme disease being brought into the city and allow the elimination of some area predators such as coyotes. “Hunters kill coyotes,” said Scarberry.

Scarberry advised council to consider his proposition and contact both the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the state biologist before making a decision. Scarberry reiterated that his proposal is for archery hunting being allowed for those with four continuous acres to hunt on, essentially cutting out most properties in condensed residential areas.

Scarberry shared that he himself has more than 21 acres of land that he is not allowed to hunt on per city charter and feels that allowing archery hunting under certain circumstances would be beneficial for the area.

By Ivy Potter

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Reach: Ivy Potter (740) 353-3101 Extension 1932

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