New Political Org launching in Scioto County

By: Bailey Watts - [email protected]

Young men and women interested in the public arena will now have a new opportunity when a new political organization launches at the end of January.

The Scioto County Young Republicans will launch at the end of January. The organization is a local club created by the chairman, Collin Finn. The conservative organization is looking to grow the Republican Party in Scioto County by targeting younger voters.

A student of Miami University here in the Buckeye state, Finn is looking to grow a movement he supports.

Finn said the club will officially launch Jan. 25, at a kick-off event held at the Holiday Inn. Bryan Davis, the Scioto County commissioner will be a guest speaker to introduce the new organization

“We want to bring more young people into the conservative movement,” Finn said.

The organization allows anyone from the ages of 18 to 40, full membership. Those that fall outside of the age bracket are eligible to join as associate members.

The group won’t just be a meet and greet organization. The founder states they will offer political participation opportunities and “recognition.” They hope to engage young republicans and create a strong social and networking frame within Scioto County.

Rooted in the red, the group seeks to help elect officials at the local, state and even federal levels. The Young Republicans state they will promote Republican Candidates within the youth of the county.

“We will support all Republican candidates in the general election,” Finn said.

The youth can support whatever they choose, but growing the Republican Party, that is one of the main reasons he has for creating the organization. Currently, Finn stated they are already in the process of becoming chartered. The organization is working on becoming recognized with the Ohio Young Republicans Federation. Plans are already in the works for this upcoming election.

The chairman is looking for anyone willing to join or aid the organization. He stated they can learn more about them on their Facebook. At ‘The Scioto County Young Republicans’ page.

Finn would like to invite all to the kick-off event of The Scioto County Young Republicans, in Portsmouth on Jan. 25, at the Holiday Inn. Questions can even be directed toward Finn directly.

By: Bailey Watts – [email protected]

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Reach Bailey Watts (740) 353-3101 Ext 1931

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