Commissioners consider 2A sanctuary resolution

By Ivy Potter - [email protected]

The Scioto County Commissioners are considering potential legislation to declare Scioto County as a Second Amendment Sanctuary County.

According to a post by commissioners Tuesday evening, Commissioners have been approached by multiple citizens calling for the adoption of 2A legislation out of concern and support for the Second Amendment.

“When your Commissioners took our oaths of office, we promised to uphold the Constitution of the State of Ohio and that of the United States of America. We, along with many others, are concerned about some of the anti-constitutional rhetoric being used by some elected officials in our country,” Commissioners posted on their public Facebook page.

Second Amendment Sanctuaries are defined as states, counties, or localities within the United States that adopt laws or resolutions to prohibit or impede the enforcement of certain gun control measures believed to infringe on the rights of the Second Amendment such as universal gun background checks, high capacity magazine bans, assault weapon bans and red flag laws.

Red flag laws referring to state laws that allow courts to issue a special type of protection order in which firearms are temporarily confiscated from those deemed a danger to others or themselves. Red flag laws are often requested by friends on family of individuals who have made threats of suicide or made comments about shooting another person.

Commissioners stated they will be welcoming comments both in support and against the idea of Scioto County becoming a Second Amendment Sanctuary County during their regularly scheduled meeting Thursday.

Commissioners stated at that time they will be discussing the potential resolution which, either way, will send a strong message about Scioto County.

Commissioners meet Tuesdays and Thursdays on the third floor of the Scioto County Courthouse in room 310 beginning at 9:30 a.m., with all meetings also being livestreamed on the Scioto County Commissioners Facebook page.

If commissioners choose to move forward on this legislation and adopt a resolution declaring Scioto as a 2A County, it will become the third Second Amendment Sanctuary County in the state following Meigs and Clermont counties.

By Ivy Potter

[email protected]

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Reach: Ivy Potter (740) 353-3101 Extension 1932

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