New Boston finds bullet on grounds

On high alert, but all seems safe

Joseph Pratt - [email protected]

Parents with children enrolled in New Boston Schools have been a little uneasy this week, with rumors of bullets being found on school property.

Melinda Burnside, school superintendent, told the Daily Times on Wednesday that they did, in fact, come across a single .22 caliber bullet in a high school highway last Thursday.

According to Burnside, the school staff has been on alert, in regards to the situation, but they do not believe it currently serves as a major threat to students.

“We have been on high alert, since safety is our number one priority,” Burnside said. “I’ve met with principals, we’ve done locker searchers, we’ve been on high priority discipline already. We’ve worked on tightening some extra things up, though, because we recognize this as a priority.”

When the bullet was turned in, the school administrators quickly went on the hunt, searching camera feeds and looking into where it could have come from.

“We reviewed cameras for over an hour and there is no way to determine where it came from,” Burnside claimed.

With a lack of information, Burnside called New Boston Police Captain Steve Goins immediately, to have him assess the facts and determine what to do in the situation.

She said that Goins was most concerned with keeping everyone calm, since no other details were available.

“We have no possible way of finding out how the bullet got there, but I gave them two possible scenarios,” Captain Goins said. “It is hunting season, so a student could have accidentally had it on him, realized it, and dropped it after getting scared. Maybe a little kid brought it in to show friend and got scared. Mrs. Burnside tells me that they have no prior threats about anyone wanting to shoot up the school. With no perceived prior threats, I am led to believe there isn’t any kind of threat to students, in association to the bullet.”

No similar occurrences have happened in the last school week and the school administration says they are doing everything to ensure safety, but don’t believe there is an immediate threat for parents to concern themselves with.

“We have one of the safest buildings in southeast Ohio; we just have to make sure our kids know what they are supposed to do,” Burnside said.
On high alert, but all seems safe

Joseph Pratt

[email protected]