Roaring Resolutions

By: Bailey Watts - [email protected]

2020 is here, with it comes a time of celebration.

2020 is here, with it comes a time of celebration.

A new you, a New Year’s resolution, one to hold true.

Every year the turning of the clock means something else to each and every one. A new slate a new day, or just another day. For those that take the rollover for more than just a date change, it’s personal. Time to get up, start again. It’s a time of passage, transition, one to reinvent one’s self, or maybe just a little change.

The Daily Times asked the community, what their resolutions were. Some answers are the good-natured ones made my millions every year. They range from getting in shape, being nicer, giving more, letting go of the past, etc. Many others tend to keep their resolutions private. It is most times a private endeavor,

Some shared were quite inspiring. One young woman CaseyLee Anderson, wrote, “to be the teacher and leader I should be.” She wished to be a harbinger of wholesome and healthy moments for others, one that facilitates good growth in a child’s development.

She went on to write, “I’d like to create more lollipop moments.” When questioned on a lollipop moment, she reinforced her first statement. Saying, that “to a child, being given a lollipop can be the highlight of their day. Little things can mean the world to someone, we all need that.”

One older gentleman, Timothy, said in jest, “I would just like to see another year.” The veteran carried on with another moment of comedy, explaining he, “just wants to be on the [golf] course more.”

A young mother, Caitlyn, said she wished to “be the very best mom possible. I want to give my only two boys everything. Them alone.”

The community responses were a wide array of gallant and honorable quests, some were light-hearted gracious comments to see another ball drop. Others were adventurous, some were group efforts.

Tommy, wishes to see “his friends come closer and his team go further.”

The Daily Times had a few employees with resolutions of their own. While some peers chose not to participate in the hallowed holiday of self-reflection, a few reporters do. Our very own Kim Jenkins wrote, “To be kind and generous to others.” Gently, Ivy Potter said, “ to be a better me.”

A broad and arduous task. One needing support and a group is a great way to keep to the resolution. For those who struggle with sticking to their resolutions, perhaps its time to develop a strategy. Find a partner, they do not have to have the same wishes as you, but find one responsible. This will give both a rock to lean on when willpower wares thin. If you have grandiose ideas, yet you continue to fall short, think smaller. Not permanently, set small, intermittent goals. As you carry on, you will achieve these smaller miles stones, this will increase your confidence and before you know it, when you turn around. You’ll have climbed higher than you ever had before. There are many ways to make the new decade successful for you. Make the most of every day, smile more, and look on the brighter side.

2020 is here, with it comes a time of celebration. is here, with it comes a time of celebration.

By: Bailey Watts – [email protected]

Reach Bailey Watts (740) 353-3101 Ext 1931

© 2019 Portsmouth Daily Times, all rights

Reach Bailey Watts (740) 353-3101 Ext 1931

© 2019 Portsmouth Daily Times, all rights