Crabtree reappointed to CCAO

Staff Report

Scioto County Commissioner Mike Crabtree has once again been appointed to the County Commissioners Association of Ohio (CCAO) board of directors.

Crabtree will join other county commissioners from all regions of Ohio. The CCAO Board works to forge a strong partnership between counties and the State of Ohio. The Board remains focused on working with the DeWine Administration and General Assembly to focus on legislative priorities that help the citizens of Ohio, especially Scioto County.

Some of 2019’s CCAO’s Legislative Agenda items included…

$155 million additional for indigent defense reimbursement over the two-year budget biennium. This will help offset losses of the MCO Tax.

Historic state investments into children services. This will help greatly at the local level.

Implementation of South Dakota v. Wayfair sales tax collection. This will help offset losses of the MCO Tax.

Mr. Crabtree is starting his 16th year as Scioto County Commissioner. In addition to CCAO, he is serving at the National level on a NaCo (National Association of counties) Board. He is a strong fiscal conservative and has shown great leadership in helping to improve the financial standing of Scioto County. He is seeking reelection on the Republican Ballot against retiring Sheriff Marty Donini in the March 2020 Primary Election.

Staff Report