WHS receives Momentum Award

By: Bailey Watts - [email protected]

Local education is once again showing its excellence in exceptional growth.

Wheelersburg High School has been awarded the Momentum Award for 2019. The award was given to 173 schools and 48 districts statewide. The requirements to be eligible for the award are tight. A school or district must earn straight A’s on all value-added measures of the 2019 report card. Wheelersburg exceeded all expectations with growth in overall students, gifted, students in the lowest 20% of achievement and students with disabilities.

Wheelersburg High School passed these requisites with flying colors. Value-added is another way to describe growth for schools and districts. Not only are the Pirates growing, but they are ensuring their students succeed.

Principal of Wheelersburg High School, Chris Porter said, “Having a ‘growth mindset’ is very important in our day to day teaching and learning.”

Wheelersburg High School has participated in what is known as the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) for the past three years. The program from the Ohio Department of Education aims to further improve Ohio schools by streamlining communication from the board all the way down to the classroom. This structure is held up by a core team system as the central pillar. This ensures every voice is heard, seeking that education and growth can be as inclusive and effective as possible.

“This award is reflective of that philosophy,” Porter said.

The high school principal credits the District team, Building team, and Teacher teams as instrumental and the key to making this great recognition possible. Porter explains that the support from parents and the community is vital in the children’s efforts, translating into positive lifelong outcomes.

Porter admits, while this is a great accomplishment, it is not one to stand on. He acknowledges that there are areas Wheelersburg can continue to improve.

“That will be our focus moving forward,” Porter said.

Wheelersburg will continue to expand the state’s education as a whole. Seeking that more children have access to a proper education. They will not stop there but ensure the education they receive is nothing short of excellent. The Pirates accept this award today but are already looking to the horizon. Not just for themselves, but for the community, and its bright future citizens.


By: Bailey Watts

[email protected]

Reach Bailey Watts (740) 353-3101 Ext 1931

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Reach Bailey Watts (740) 353-3101 Ext 1931

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