Donini running for County Commissioner

By: Bailey Watts - [email protected]

Sheriff Marty Donini has officially placed his bid to run for county commissioner under the Republican ballot next year.

The Sheriff, elected 23 years ago in 1996, said its time to move on and thought about retiring. Several members of the community, however, asked him to reconsider and think about the prospect of becoming county commissioner. He said if the people would have him, he would be delighted to serve the community for four more years. Sheriff Donini believes that his experience makes him the perfect candidate to aid the next sheriff chosen, and the community as a whole.

Donini expressed his admiration for Scioto County and its denizens,

“I care about this county, and it’s home for me,” Donini said.

He continued to admit, he felt humbled some members of the community believe he is still, the right choice, after 23 years as sheriff. The veteran sheriff admitted he was slightly disappointed in the current way things were going, he confessed that he believes it can be run much smoother. Donini did say the Sheriff’s office will always be special to him, and he hopes that he can ease the stress that he has endured for the next sheriff if he is elected.

The sheriff said he was “optimistic” of the future. He continued that he already knows the first things he would remedy to aid this county in achieving its full potential.

Respectfully the sheriff explained, a lack of communication with elected officials. He believes that the board is not doing all they can to confer and listen to the vital organizations of Scioto County. Donini believes communication is key in running a successful county and wishes to see it true, with his open-door policies.

Donini also shared that respecting the thoughts and rights of his peers is paramount and that would be a key aspect to streamlining the effectiveness of each division of the county.

Donini said, if the community trusts him as county commissioner for four years, he would be happy to oblige them.

Sheriff Marty Donini will face off against Mike Crabtree during the primaries in March of next year. Donini hopes that he can continue to better the legacy of Scioto County with being elected as county commissioner.

By: Bailey Watts – [email protected]

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Reach Bailey Watts (740) 353-3101 Ext 1931

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