Groves Trial Date Set

By: Bailey Watts - [email protected]

The final pretrial in the case of baby Dylan Groves was held yesterday afternoon in Portsmouth.

No deal was struck and the court will move into a full trial beginning Jan. 6, 2020.

Groves, who was allegedly born with drugs in his system, was placed in foster care until being returned to his father upon completing a family unification process. Dylan was eventually found dead at the bottom of a well in mid-June. The body of the child was found 30 feet down, inside milk crates and tied up plastic bags.

The Portsmouth Daily Times previously reported the preliminary autopsy, which stated someone wrapped Dylan’s body “in numerous plastic bags,” which were sealed with duct tape, and “placed in crates,” bound by chains, padlocks, zip ties and metal wires.

The infant suffered numerous injuries, although the preliminary report states further examination of the body is needed to determine if Dylan received those injuries before or after his death.

The preliminary report does not mention a cause of death.

As was partially reported previously, according to the Montgomery County Coroner, Dylan suffered multiple fractures, including to the left and right parietal bones of his skull. Numerous fractures were reported on his upper left extremities, including breaks of his left humerus, left radius and left ulna. The tibia of his left leg also was broken along with left ribs number six and seven. Finally, the autopsy notes a laceration to Dylan’s left arm. Dylan is believed to have been dead since late March with the cause of homicidal violence.

His parents Daniel and Jessica Groves, were arrested and indicted for endangering children, tampering with evidence, kidnapping and murder. The child’s father, Daniel Groves, was arrested after a six-hour standoff June 10 of this year. Jessica had already surrendered and was apprehended earlier the same day. Inside their house, deputies found several thousand dollars worth of stolen property. The parents of Dylan have pleaded ‘not guilty’ to the charges placed against them as well as the implicated connection.

The Portsmouth Daily Times will continue to cover the trial as it evolves.

By: Bailey Watts – [email protected]

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Reach Bailey Watts (740) 353-3101 Ext. 1931

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