Scioto County Children Services Update

Staff Report

The Scioto County Children Services Board met Thursday, where the Interim Director reviewed the current status of the agency in the reorganization process.

Mr. Howard reported currently, the State Department of Job and Family Services is supplying weekly assistance consisting of two supervisors daily, one administrator three days per week and one technical assistance individual weekly. In addition to these individuals, the state has arranged training in the computer data entry system and training for new incoming caseworkers.

The comprehensive plan for reorganization has been committed to the Scioto County agency through December 31, 2019. Beginning in January, the assistance will be reevaluated and reviewed with new goals and operating processes established for the future. The agency is in the process of establishing an additional department of caseworkers to reduce the caseload numbers of staff to improve service and efficiency. Currently, additional caseworkers are being employed, and the agency’s goal is to be fully staffed by the end of January with the new reorganization model in place. The current caseworkers will also be receiving additional training to improve quality and efficiency.

The Board had directed the Interim Director to review and recommend procedures to the Board to facilitate better communications and cooperation between the coordinating agencies for the future. As a result of this directive, the Board voted to establish an Advisory Committee on Child Services. This committee will include those agencies that work closely with child services and will present recommendations to the Child Services Board that need to be addressed to establish better operating procedures. The Interim Director is to submit to the Board the recommended membership and operating procedures for their consideration at the upcoming January meeting.

The Interim Director will begin working on memorandums of understanding with the coordinating agencies once the caseworker staffing has been completed.

The Administrative Search Committee, which is currently seeking applicants for the Assistant Directorship of the agency, reviewed with the Board and updated how the search is progressing and the process that will be followed to complete the search.

In working with the Scioto County Commissioners, the Board was made aware of the planned roofing repairs and the flag pole repairs that have been completed. The Board also discussed and approved Wi-Fi installation for the facility.

After reviewing and discussing the current inventory system, the Board adopted new inventory control policies for the future.

The Board expressed their appreciation to Mrs. Kay Kern, Tom Walker and Al Oliver, for their many years of service to the agency.

Staff Report

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