Counseling and discipleship training starts Jan. 6 at Wheelersburg Baptist Church

By Hope R. Comer | PDT - [email protected]

WHEELERSBURG-The Counseling and Discipleship Training at Wheelersburg Baptist Church (WBC) will begin Jan. 6, announced Brad Brandt, Pastor at WBC and certified ACBC counselor.

This is the 20th year for the 12-week course held Monday evenings at 11712 Gallia Pike. New this year is the advanced track, “A Biblical Approach to Addictions.” This track is designed to help churches, including pastors, fulfill the Gospel Call with the enslaved addicts.

“Back in 1987 when I came to be the pastor of the church, I knew the Bible, but I didn’t know how to minister the Bible to people with what they were struggling with, marriage issues, parenting issues, their child was told they had ADHD.”

Brandt said he has seen people going outside the church for help and often, he found well-meaning people, even professionals, were able to address different aspects of the issues, but not go to the core of the problem.

“Jesus talks about how it is out of the heart that the mouth speaks, the heart is the core issue when problems are going on,” said Brandt. “After pastoring five or six years, I realized I needed to get some training and biblical counseling going on.”

With that revolution for Brandt personally and his family, a few years later, Wheelersburg Baptist Church started its first biblical training course in the year 2000. This is a ministry to all local churches. Brandt said they love to assist sister churches in helping their people and the training is open to all local churches.

“We are convinced the Bible has answers to the real problems in life and we love to equip God’s people from our local churches, including pastors, to help people get the help they need in their lives,” Brandt said.

According to Brandt, everyone gives advice when asked what to do about “this,” and they say, well, I’d do “this.”

“Everybody provides counsel,” said David Beam, Director of Biblical Counseling at WBC. “Our goal is for everybody who leaves here to give counsel that comes from the scripture in the Bible.”

Beam said to attend the training; you don’t have to have the intention of becoming a formal certified counselor. Brandt agreed with Beam and added that he encourages Pastors and people in ministry activities to pursue training so they can do it with quality and accountability.

WBC is one of about 70 certified training centers with an international organization named Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) and the training that starts in January does qualify toward becoming a certified counselor if the person chooses that path. More information can be found on ACBC’s website

There are two fundamentals tracks offered, rotating on opposite years, and an advanced track each year for those who have completed the fundamentals tracks. Last year the advanced track changed a little from the previous 19 years. In 2019 the first topical advanced track, marriage counseling, was available and this year’s advanced track title is “A Biblical Approach to Addictions.” You can register online at

Track One is offered this year and includes:

• The foundation and goal of biblical counseling

• Why counsel? Biblical counseling in the church

• Qualifications of a biblical counselor

• Essential elements of counseling

• The doctrine of spiritual growth and sanctification

• Self-worth or self-worship

• The role of husbands and wives in the family

• Parental attitudes and goals

• Parental delegation and responsibilities

• Life-dominating sins and total life-restructuring

• Hope & help to those struggling to have children

• Justification, worry, guilt forgiveness, overcoming evil, communication

• Depression, fear, priorities for living, anger, marriage

The advanced track “A Biblical Approach to Addictions” offers training on

• Theology of addiction: learning from Romans 6

• Biblical insights into addiction

• Addiction, identity and the gospel

• Basic principles, procedures and strategies for counseling addictions

• Family issues in addiction

• Crafting temptation and repentance plans to help addicts

• How the gospel frees your teen from device addiction

• I am a Porn Struggler

• Helping wives whose husbands struggle with pornography

• Straight talk about preventing and overcoming sexual sin

Beam stated it is psychology from God’s view p0int and if you want to use God’s word to help people, then this training is for you. The lectures start promptly at 6 p.m. and case studies & DVD observation at 8 p.m. Snacks are provided during breaks each evening.

By Hope R. Comer | PDT

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Reach Hope R. Comer (740) 353-3101 ext. 1911

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