Red Cross searching for stolen truck

By Bailey Watts | PDT - [email protected]

PORTSMOUTH-The hectics of the holiday season spare none, not even those helping the less fortunate.

The American Red Cross, an organization full of volunteers donating time to aid their fellow man, has suffered a loss themselves. A thief struck in the night, taking a vehicle used in various expeditions by the Red Cross.

The White, 2012 Toyota Tundra was removed from a lot across from the old Red Cross building on Hutchinson Street in Portsmouth between the night of Dec. 10 and the 12. The vehicle was stolen, with little clue as to whom the perpetrator could be. An investigation has been launched into the event by the Portsmouth Police Department, but it is unknown if there have been any new developments.

The Daily Times reached out for a comment from the Police Department, however, no contact was made.

“We greatly appreciate their help in the investigation,” Marita Salkowski of the Red Cross said.

She hopes with the word reaching a wider audience, perhaps it will expedite and increase the chance the vehicle can be found and returned to operation. The truck marked with the signature Red Cross insignia is a vital component in aiding with disaster runs, carrying equipment, relief aid, and preventative measures such as installing fire detectors.

Although a truck from their fleet has been stolen, it has not put a damper on the spirit of the volunteers. They continue to spread holiday cheer and give to those in need in any way they can.

The Red cross is asking if anyone has any information on the stolen Red Cross truck, please contact the Portsmouth Police Department.

By Bailey Watts | PDT

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Reach Bailey Watts at (740) 353-3101 Ext. 1931

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