Six arrested in relation to drug activity

Staff Report

Just before 6 p.m. on Monday, officers responded to 1734 5th St. with PMC probation in reference to multiple complaints about drug activity. When officers announced themselves and the reason for the visit (probation violation), multiple persons attempted to flee the rear door of the residence. Two additional subjects tried to flee via the side door and retreated upon seeing officers. Officers then entered the residence and conducted a sweep and moved all individuals in one location. A large amount of items associated with drug abuse/sales were observed in plain view, including hypodermic syringes, corner baggies, pill bottles and scales. Two individuals were also discovered attempting to hide within the residence, one in a closet under clothes and another in the basement wrapped in a carpet.

Upon identification of individuals, Officers were advised of warrants for Edwin McClurg, 30 and Floyd Layne, 55. Farrell Mustard, 42, was also taken into custody for obstructing official business. Goldee Kozee,25, Roy King, 32 and Taunya Smith, 27, were all taken into custody for probation violations. All six individuals were taken to the Scioto County Jail.


Officers arrested Karlee Murnahan, 28, during a traffic stop after discovering there was an active warrant for her arrest. She was transported to the Scioto County Jail.

A woman reported her vehicle was missing from outside of FishBowl Bar after leaving it there overnight and believed she may have lost her keys somewhere inside the bar. Officers advised that the vehicle had not been impounded. Later that day, officers responded to 2405 Mabert Road after receiving information that the maybe, red 2013 Chevrolet Sonic, may be at this address. Officers confirmed that the vehicle in the driveway of the residence was the one reported as stolen. Officers attempted to make contact with residents and came in contact with Jennifer Scott, 32 and David Jackson, 38. After being permitted to look inside the residence, Officers located the keys to the stolen vehicle attached to a keychain with the owners name on it. The vehicle was returned to the owner and Jackson and Scott were transported to the Scioto County Jail.

Officers responded to 811 Findlay St. in reference to a disturbance. After speaking to both parties, Officers determined that Malissa Conley, 47, was the aggressor and took her to the Scioto County Jail on charges of Aggravated trespass and assault.


Officers were notified of a male passed out in his vehicle in the Kroger Parking lot located at 811 Gay St. Officers located the white Oldsmobile and saw the subject asleep in the driver’s seat. The officer was able to see inside the vehicle and tried to get the subject’s attention. The officer saw the male was holding a clear plastic bag, commonly associated with drug use. The subject woke up and unlocked the door. The subject was identified as Michael Spradlin, 43. Officers located a glass pipe containing white residue in the center console and a white rock substance believed to be a drug of abuse. The items collected were sent for chemical testing and the vehicle was impounded.

Staff Report