Having Impossible Faith launched

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LUCASVILLE – Having Impossible Faith, a book detailing the inspirational stories of three local heroes of faith, launched on Monday, November 25, with a kickoff celebration at the Lucasville Giovanni’s Pizza.

This is the fifth book for local author Del Duduit, but it takes a turn from his four previously published books which have all been devotionals related to sports teams and nationally known athletes with inspirational stories of faith. While it still has a spiritual focus, this book examines subjects who are not known all over the nation.

About 60 people turned out Monday to celebrate the launch of the book, which has been in the works for about three years.

“I appreciate people taking time out of their busy day to come celebrate with us,” Duduit said. “This time of the year is busy, and I know people are pulled from many different directions.”

“Having Impossible Faith tells the amazing stories of three ordinary people, all from our local region,” Duduit said. “The first story is about Dee Dee, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer three times, and how our entire local community rallied around her during her battle to recover. Secondly, the book highlights Lois, a widow who had no income and prayed in money each day to buy food and pay her bills. Then it looks at Billy, who not only was diagnosed with terminal cancer but was also impacted by a major tragedy in his immediate family.”

The book deals with genuine struggles of doubt and faith, that people face when those around them encounter battles. It also explains how people had their faith regained and strengthened over time, and how they claimed victory in the end.

Duduit originally drafted this manuscript to honor his sister-in-law, Dee Dee, but he later expanded it to honor the strong testimonies of Lois and Billy as well. “All of these individuals had such powerful stories that I felt I could not leave them out,” he said. “There are many people in our area who have amazing stories, but I chose these three to begin with.”

Gospel music singer Karen Peck, of Karen Peck and New River, put her stamp of approval on the manuscript after she read it three years ago.

She has performed at the annual “DDFaith Memorial Gospel Concert” and will once again stop in Scioto County in February.

“When I began reading Having Impossible Faith I was immediately hooked,” she said. “I knew this was story that needed to be told.”

Peck has won multiple Dove Awards and has been nominated for a Grammy Award throughout her ministry.

“I highly recommend this book,” she added. “It made me cry in a good way.”

Mark Baer, a local minister, knew Dee Dee and Lois and, also goes to church with Billy.

Baer also wrote an endorsement that appears on the back cover.

“I’ve read it and can attest that every story in this book is real and accurate,” he said. “Everyone needs to read this.”

Three chapters are dedicated to Dee Dee, and three to Lois and Billy.

Dee Dee was a pharmacist in Lucasville. She beat cancer twice when it came back again. This time, she opted to trust God to for healing. Her story of faith spread throughout several states and people followed her to the very end. She encouraged and inspired people to have “DDFaith.”

The book also describes in detail how the “DDFaith” movement started.

Lois was a lovable lady who enjoyed being the life of any party and had a presence of sincerity about her at the same time.

When her husband died, she was left with nothing. She had no income and had to trust in God for her daily needs. She never asked anyone for anything, yet always had her needs supplied.

And Billy was told by doctors in Cleveland to go home and prepare to die. They gave him four months to live. But cancer was not the biggest battle he would face.

The final chapter deals with the author’s own personal struggles with faith at a time when his wife was diagnosed with a mysterious condition.

“I too have had my battles with faith and have wondered why bad things happen to good people,” Duduit said. “Everyone has wondered that at times I’m sure. This book will challenge the reader to examine how strong their faith is in a difficult time.”

The book will challenge to reader to examine their own faith and determine if it’s strong enough to endure life’s challenges.

The book is available now on Amazon and on Duduit’s website delduduit.com.

Duduit has had four previous books published.

• Buckeye Believer: 40 Days of Devotions for the Ohio State Faithful (BY Books)

• Dugout Devotions: Inspirational Hits from MLB’s Best (New Hope Publishers)

• First Down Devotions: Inspirations from NFL’s Best (New Hope Publishers)

• Bengal Believer: 40 Who Dey Votions for the Cincinnati Fanatic (BY Books)

In addition, Duduit plans to release three new titles in 2020 and three more in 2021. He is an award-winning writer, and lives in Lucasville with his wife, Angie. They attend Rubyville Community Church.

He has been published by Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse Magazine and Sports Spectrum.

He is a contributing writer for Athletes in Action, the Christian View Magazine, PM Magazine and a columnist for the Portsmouth Daily Times.

Follow his blog at delduduit.com/blog, and follow him on Twitter @delduduit. He is represented by Cyle Young of Hartline Literary Agency.



Staff report