SOMC birth announcements 10/23-11/9

Staff Report

October 23

Todd Hinze and Autumn Griffith of Portsmouth, son

October 24

Branden Haywod and Christian Riley of Wheelersburg, son

Christopher and Stephanie Carter of Portsmouth, daughter

Donald and Amanda Parsley of Wheelersburg, son

Samantha Peterman and Justin Gulley of Portsmouth, son

October 25

Brandon Smith and Susan Peck of Wheelersburg, daughter

October 26

Mr. and Mrs. Kimberly Riley of South Shore (Ky.), son

October 28

Cheyenne Collins of Portsmouth, son

October 29

Ryan Willett and Kaylee Ross of South Shore (Ky.), son

Scott Wright and Niccole Chandler of Portsmouth, daughter

Cheyenne Rogers and Zakarie Dotson of McDermott, daughter

October 30

Evelyn Jones and Ryan Lumpkins of Vanceburg (Ky.), son

Antonio Salazar and Judith Montoya of Portsmouth, son

October 31

Jessica and Chrisopher Ames of Otway, son

Melissa Phillips and Kyle Bowman of Peebles, daughter

David and Autumn Dowdy of Portsmouth, daughter

November 1

Mr. and Mrs. Ashley Gash of West Portsmouth, son

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Phillips of Wheelersburg, son

Destiny Hayslip and Cole Ingram of West Union, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Kayla Bloomfield of West Portsmouth, daughter

November 3

James Howard and Laura Taylor of Stout, son

November 4

Alexandra Irwin of South Portsmouth (Ky.), son

Devin Miller and Taylor Basye of Portsmouth, son

Josh and Peyton Hurn of Wheelersburg, son

November 5

Joshua Large and Marcheta Howard of Portsmouth, daughter

Mariah Markins and Richard Scurlock of Piketon, daughter

November 6

Marco and Cierra Cooper of Portsmouth, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Cody Alston of Portsmouth, daughter

Desirae Johnson of Greenup (Ky.), daughter

Haley Kyle and James Colley of Wheelersburg, son

November 7

Rosa Stevens and Austin Carter of Portsmouth, son

Katie Lewis and Anthony Mosley of Portsmouth, son

Charles Wellman Jr. and Catherine Greene of South Webster, daughter

Michael and Whitney Fraley of Stout, daughter

November 9

Wesley Lansing and Bridget Looney of Waverly, son

Staff Report