Unopposed race election results

Editor’s note: Unofficial Election Results: 10,281 ballots were cast from 43,913 registered voters in Scioto County for a 23.41% voter turn out. Official Results will be posted within 8 days.

The Daily Times previously published opposed races, issues and levies. The unopposed races are listed below as a followup to Tuesday’s 2019 Scioto County General Election.

Portsmouth Auditor

M. Trent Williams 1,462

Portsmouth Solictor

John R. Haas 1,379

6th Ward Council

Tom Lowe 161

New Boston Clerk/Treasurer

Lana Loper

Mayor of Otway

No Valid Petition Filed

Otway Village Fiscal Officer

Melodee J. Ruby 9

Council Member of Otway (2)

Danita Kaye Justice 10

No Valid Petition Filed

Council Member of Rarden (2)

Sharon Ward 35

No Valid Petition Filed

Bloom Twp. Fiscal Officer

Diana Stonerock 468

Brush Creek Fiscal Officer

Bev Eichenlaub 127

Clay Twp. Trustee

Bill Runyon 509

Harrison Twp. Fiscal Officer

Sandra Brisker 504

Jefferson Twp. Trustee

Charles J. Harris 257

Jefferson Twp. Fiscal Officer

Lisa Buckle 259

Madison Twp. Trustee

Donald Lambert 405

Madison Twp. Fiscal Officer

Jackie Noel 416

Morgan Twp. Trustee

Ralph Carver 210

Morgan Twp. Fiscal Officer

Carolyn R. Hobbs 248

Nile Twp. Fiscal Officer

Christopher D Norman 514

Porter Twp. Trustee

Dave Hayden 905

Porter Twp. Fiscal Officer

Ted Adams 866

Rarden Twp. Fiscal Officer

Gene McAllister 156

Rush Twp. Trustee

Eric Lutz 432

Union Twp. Trustee

David A. Euton 269

Union Twp. Fiscal Officer

Angie Howell 258

Valley Twp. Fiscal Officer

Lanette Wagner 405

Vernon Twp. Fiscal Officer

Sandra Bandy-Belford 259

Washington Twp. Fiscal Officer

Cheri Seevers 615

Ross Pike County Educational Service Center

Turman L. Helton 56

South Central Ohio Educational Service Center

Mike Canter 5,987

New Boston School District (2)

Sam Fannin 241

No Valid Peition Filed

Valley School District

Donald Jeremy Buckle 70

Correction to Bloom Township Trustee race previously published in the Daily Times:

Bloom Twp. Trustee

Brian K. Fenton 281

Brandon K. Shamhart 243