Cirque D’Art presents Hotel California

By Kimberly Jenkins - [email protected]

Molly Grashel: Ghost Maid

Molly Grashel: Ghost Maid

Joann and Randy Waugh

Curbee Morris

Joann and Randy Waugh

Cirque D’Art Theatre is presenting its Halloween show, Hotel California, next Friday and Saturday, October 18th and 19th and again on October 25th and 26th at the Southern Ohio Museum. Showtimes are 7:30 p.m. with a matinee at 2:00 p.m. on October 26th only. They are also showing a Business Person Special on Friday the 25th at 5:30 p.m. for $7.00. All other shows are Adults $10.00 and Student/Senior/Museum Member $8.00.

This is the second time that the group has shown Hotel California, but the show is quite a bit different than last year’s show, according to Pegi Wilkes and Trisha Schmidt, the Directors of Cirque de Art. Amber and Derek Rowe are a husband and wife team that performs in this show and also teach the younger ones.

Derek Rowe said, “We did this show last year and my wife and I have been in the program, for me, it’s been since 2011 and my wife for she says maybe 15 years. I think my favorite part about the Halloween show versus the rest of them is the smaller atmosphere, you are right on the audience, they are like three feet away from you.”

Amber Rowe said, “It’s more intimate with the audience, they can get more interested in the story and get scared or any emotion, they can feel the emotion better, it’s like they are a part of the show.”

Amber Rowe continued, “Every June show is different, so each show has a different feeling to it, a different character to it. They like to put me in the ‘mean’ characters or the sneaky characters. You can do a lot of different things with that character you can be happy and nice, but then you also can be mean and evil the whole range. Last year we did the cage, I did it by myself the first year and he (my husband) did it with me last year. I’ve been teaching here since I was a sophomore year of high school.” Derek Rowe chimed in that he started teaching at the age of 16. She has been teaching there for almost nine years and she is also a school teacher during the day.

Derek Rowe added about performing in the shows, “The shows are cool, by being a part of everyone’s lives and being that person is a more rewarding part of it.”

The couple say they met at a track meet while in school and that Amber Rowe ‘dragged’ him to Circque D’Art.

Together, the Rowes said, “I think it’s different than any Halloween show we’ve done, we have stage that is like split and we can get more story telling and more scenes than previous shows that we’ve had, we could do set changes but we didn’t have an actual built set, so we could get some more height variations to it, not everything’s on one floor. People came last year are saying they don’t want to come, because it’s the same show as last year, but all the routines are from the ground up, most of this story may be the same, but the songs and most of the dances are entirely different.” They also said that they use a mixture of costumes and masks versus makeup.

Wilkes said that this show has a cast of 21. She also said that because the younger kids aren’t in it, they have a little something for the younger kids, “We do a little show for their parents, the kids chose a song and then are given a routine to go with it and they perform in front of their parents.”

Wilkes said that they have done Dracula for a number of years, Alice in Wicked Wonderland, and Dracula is something we will revisit again, as it has a more mature theme and dance routine. Schmidt also said they decided this year to do a business person’s special on Friday the 25th at 5:30, not just for business people, but that was the general idea for it.

When asked about the ages used for this particular show, Hotel California, Schmidt and Wilkes said from teens up. However, they did say that sometimes, it could be a bit younger according to the maturity level of the kids and it varies. The oldest are out of college and have full time jobs, besides this. We had this set built and we had to reconstruct it a lot of the costumes are the same, which really helps our budget, where we have to fund ourselves. But they were quick to add that The Scioto Foundation helps us and Richard Marting bought us this building.

As next weekend approaches and Halloween is quick on its heels, if you like dance or shows in general and love everything Halloween, come to the Southern Ohio Museum and watch Cirque D’Art as they perform Hotel California.

Molly Grashel: Ghost Maid Grashel: Ghost Maid Joann and Randy Waugh

Curbee Morris Morris Joann and Randy Waugh

By Kimberly Jenkins

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