Election worker pay increase accepted by commissioners

By Ivy Potter - [email protected]

The Scioto County Commissioners met on Tuesday for their regularly scheduled meeting. One item on the agenda was a memorandum of understanding between the Scioto County Prosecuting Attorney and City of Portsmouth Fire Department regarding vehicle use. Commissioners ultimately opted to table the item until specifics of vehicle coverage could be confirmed with the insurance company in regards to the arrangement.

Communication from the Ohio Board of Elections regarding election worker pay increase was accepted by commissioners. According to Commissioner Mike Crabtree, the pay increase will be 9%, but the total number of poll workers per location has been reduced. Crabtree attributed this to new voting procedures and the belief that poll workers have previously been underpaid. Commissioners also adopted a resolution authorizing Assistant Prosecutor Danielle Parker to write a letter for the CHIP program on behalf of the commissioners. While it was stated little comment could be made on the situation which may lead to litigation, Parker stated there was an issue involving a homeowner and mortgage agreement through the CHIP program.

In other matters of business, commissioners approved Job & Family Services prevention, retention and contingency plan biennial update, accepted EMHA invoice for August 2019, and approved the payment of then & now certificates and moral obligations.

Commissioners commented that they have been receiving regular updates regarding jail population, and believe that the number of inmates housed is currently sitting around capacity at 195-200 inmates. Commissioners also stated that all inmates which were previously sent to jails in outside counties have either been returned to the Scioto County Jail or have completed their sentence.

By Ivy Potter

[email protected]

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