CCAO issues statement supporting counties in opioid litigation

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The County Commissioners Association of Ohio (CCAO) board of directors has unanimously adopted the following statement regarding the opioid litigation being pursued by counties:

CCAO strongly supports our counties as plaintiffs seeking recovery for their damages from the “opioid industry.” CCAO thanks Gov. Mike DeWine who has indicated that legislation giving the attorney general exclusive authority over these law suits would be unfair and a serious mistake.

Ohioans have been devastated by the daunting opiate epidemic, and counties are on the front line delivering vital services to families and communities coping with this crisis.

County expenditures for the court system, sheriff’s office, county jail, county coroner, adult probation, children’s services, foster care and public defender representation have been overwhelmed. The cost of this crisis is largely being borne by Ohio’s local governments, not the state.

CCAO expresses its strong opposition to any attempt by the state to take over the opioid litigation because it would undermine our responsibility to our constituents and strikes at the heart of local governments’ constitutional authority.

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