New Boston to hold 3rd Party in the Park

By Kimberly Jenkins - [email protected]

Last year at the second New Boston Party in the Park.

Last year at the second New Boston Party in the Park.

Ivy Potter

New Boston Mayor Junior Williams and village council have announced that “Party at the Park III” festival is coming to New Boston’s Millbrook Park next Saturday.

The event returns for a third time after two very successful outings the previous two years. Williams credits local sponsors and volunteers for making the event possible. “The amount of positive feedback from the public over the past two years has made for an easy decision to continue the event,” stated Williams. “Everyone seems to have had a great time and we expect the same this year. This is just a great family event and would never be possible without our sponsors, local business support and volunteers.”

Live music featuring Shane Runion Band, Frank Grasso, Josh Stewart Band, Poverty String Band and Second Chance will be performing from noon until 8:30 p.m. followed by a fireworks display. Kids activities will run from noon until 6 p.m. and will feature a cartoonist, pony rides, petting zoo, inflatables, kiddie barrel train rides, games, prizes and more. Concession stand, food vendors, craft exhibitors and more will be available. A few spots remain for vendors and exhibitors. If interested, contact the mayor’s office at 740-456-4103, ext 2.

Schedule :

12:00 Josh Stewart Band

1:30 Second Chance

3:15 Poverty String Band

5:00 Frank Grasso

7:00 Shane Runion Band

8:45 Fireworks

New Boston Village Council Meeting, Tuesday:

The New Boston Village Council opened its second meeting for the month of September with a pledge of allegiance and a silent prayer.

Williams opened for the public who wanted to address Council. Gary Stevenson of New Boston questioned council about having the village ordinance posted somewhere for the public to view. Justin Blume, village law director, spoke with Stevenson about it being posted and if he still couldn’t find it to let him know.

Stevenson also questioned council about a trailer parked on Stanton Avenue and that when Mayor Ottney was in office, they could not park there. Williams said that the folks that have the trailer are going to have it on a foundation and they have talked to him about it.

Jess Horton, who lives on Lakeview and Cedar spoke about a problem in the alley on Cedar behind Cedar Street Church. He said there is a place that looks abandoned and between it and the telephone pole are weeds and stumps and 2 x 4’s with nails. “Could someone address that problem,” Horton asked.

Village Administrator Steve Hamilton said the property has been turned over to the Scioto County Health Department and he cannot go on that property, but when Horton asked if someone could at least cut the weeds. Hamilton said they could and would do that.

Williams read a letter about the hiring of Brandon Blankenship from New Boston Police Chief Steve Goins, in which Goins asked for Blankenship to be hired as a police officer for New Boston. Williams read that Blankenship was recommended by the SCCTC (Scioto County Career and Technical Center) and said that both he and Goins had interviewed him. He would be hired on a one-year probationary time and he still had some tests to pass. Councilman Dan Fetty made a motion to hire Blankenship and Councilman Jon Mills seconded it. A vote was passed and he was hired.

Williams passed around to council a letter from the Portsmouth area Jaycees just to inform New Boston that their fundraiser would be running from September 16 through December 20.

Williams then wanted to report on the upcoming Party in the Park and said that the times listed were approximate.

Williams said he and Hamilton, are to meet with the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program from ODOT in Waverly. The purpose of this meeting is to get New Boston in the books to have highways paved. They do it on a four-year basis and they want to be on the books for 2021, hopefully.

Blume stated that he needed to discuss some things in executive session. Blume also asked council in paying for some education hours that he will attend on zoning. Fetty mad made a motion to do so and Councilman Ralph Imes seconded approving the funds the council voted and passed it.

Next was the reading of several ordinances by Village Clerk, Lana Loper:

Second Reading on October 31, as Trick or Treat Night in the Village of New Boston, Councilman Ryan Ottney made a motion to do so and Fetty seconded it, all were in favor.

First reading Number 11 was a Light-duty Resolution granting light duty for employees hurt on the job to have light duty and have received a return to work with restrictions, but can do some work. This will be followed by a 30-day review and then 30 after that, up until 90 days. Needs to be Right for the employee and employer. Mills made a motion and Ottney seconded and all were in favor.

First Reading Number 12 Resolution if someone is going to be off for a long term, past 90 days to continue to pay that person or start workman’s compensation. Ottney made a motion and Councilman Don Raike seconded it; all but Fetty were in favor and he was opposed.

Councilman Mills then made a motion to go into executive session and Ottney seconded the motion. Meeting then went into executive session.

Last year at the second New Boston Party in the Park. year at the second New Boston Party in the Park. Ivy Potter

By Kimberly Jenkins

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