Ohio releases state report cards for schools

By Kimberly Jenkins - [email protected]

The School State Report Cards have been released by the Ohio Department of Education. Both Bloom-Vernon and Wheelersburg received an overall grade of a B, which is the highest grade for the school in Scioto County. The following is the overall grade received by each school in Scioto County:

New Boston Local D

Portsmouth City D

Bloom-Vernon Local B

Clay Local D

Green Local C​

Minford Local C

Northwest Local C

Valley Local C

Sciotoville Community D

Washington-Nile Local C

Wheelersburg Local B

According to the Ohio Department of Education as to why are there Ohio school report cards? “Ohio School Report Cards give your community a clear picture of the progress of your district and schools in raising achievement and preparing students for the future. They also include a performance management section users can access by clicking the “Financial Data” button at the top of each report card. The information measures district and school performance in the areas most critical to success in learning, as well as information on academic and financial performance metrics. Ohio School Report Cards data shows educators, school administrators and families where their schools are succeeding as well as areas where they need to improve.”

Paolo DeMaria, Superintendent of Public Instruction states on the Ohio Education report card report, “This report card shows the hard work of students and adults last year continues to move us toward our destination. Student achievement is up statewide for the third consecutive year. It also points to our strengths and weaknesses, including an ongoing need to improve educational opportunities for students with disabilities and of diverse backgrounds and cultures. The 2019 district and school report cards each provide a more detailed, local picture. Remember, though, report cards are not the only measure of a school’s or district’s success. Talk to parents, students, teachers, and graduates and visit schools to get a more complete picture of their experiences.”

Marc Kreischer, Superintendent of Bloom-Vernon Schools spoke about their success on the report card. “I’m very proud of our students first of all, and our staff and the entire community, we have great kids and we definitely have great teachers. We are proud and we are always trying to improve ourselves and set high expectations for our students and they work extremely hard to meet those expectations and this is a result of that,” Kreischer said. “We always evaluate what we are doing and evaluate the curriculum and are we asking questions at the highest level? We continue to challenge students at all levels, elementary and high school. We’re proud of the fact that we offer so many dual enrollment classes right here at our high school, we think we have set a high bar and it is not easy on students, it’s not easy to be a kid, but our kids just continue to meet the level of expectations that we set.

“The grade is great and obviously we want an A, but it doesn’t define everything we are about, I think we do our best to help kids educationally, socially and emotionally. I think if you take care of those things with kids then they are going to perform academically at a higher level and I think our district does a tremendous job of doing that,” Kreischer said. “It is a measure, accountability is not a bad thing, but it is just one of the pieces. We’re very proud of that and we are also very proud of a lot of things that we do here.”

Wheelersburg Superintendent Mark Knapp, whose school also received the B, said he is very pleased with the results. “Obviously we are very happy with the results that we have, they indicate the ongoing very hard work our students and staff do every day. There is room for some improvement and we will be looking at that and analyzing the data, where we can improve our efforts, but overall we are very happy with the results and we congratulate our students and staff for a job well done,” Knapp said. “We are cognizant of the report card and we pay attention to it and the public wants to look at it, but we don’t consider that the only thing that makes up our school, we don’t let that define us completely.”

Portsmouth City School Superintendent, Scott Dutey, gave some insight on where they can go from here and what improvements they did see this year on the report card. “We’ve been actively working for the last several years with our early grade preschool through fourth grade and we are starting to see the benefits of that work,” Dutey said. “When you think about third and fourth grade, in particular, we track every year and we look at the last four years of the data and we’ve bumped from 40% in reading at the third-grade level to up to 75%. In third grade math, we‘ve gone from 43% to 67%, in fourth-grade reading, we’ve gone from 29% to 51% and in fourth-grade math we’ve gone from 50% to 81%. We are going to start to see the benefits from that as these kids go through.”

Dutey added, “We are also doing the same thing at our high school track those four years, in English I, we’ve gone from 46% to 84%, in English II, we’ve gone from 48% to 72%, in algebra, we’ve gone from 38% to 53%, biology, we’ve gone from 45% to 67% and we continue to meet the indicator in history. We’ve seen double digits improvement in junior high reading and math as well.

“We didn’t meet any indicators last year, and this year we have met four and we were very close to meeting seven. We are making progress I know that. We are finally in our state, that things have finally settled down where we all have the same standards and the same tests and if they leave us alone, we will start meeting indicators again, I don’t doubt that,” Dutey said. “We pumped in our early grades and now our focus is the middle, five through eight, as these kids start advancing, we fully expect our kids will continue to do well.”

The following chart breaks down the many parts used to get the overall grades for schools in Scioto County Ohio. You can get even more detail if you want each part broken down on the Ohio Department of Education website.

Overall Grade Achievement Component Grade Performance Index Score Grade Indicators Met Grade Progress Component Grade Overall Value-Added Grade Girted Value Added Grade Lowest 20%Value Added Grade SWD Value Added Grade Gap Closing Component Grade Graduation Component Grade 4-Year Graduation Rate Grade 5-Year Graduation Rate Grade Risk K-3 Readers Component Grade Prepared for Success Component Grade
Bloom-Vernon B C B D B B NR NR B A A A A C D
Clay D D D F F F F F F C B B B D D
Green C D D F C D NR D C F C C A B F
Minford C D C F D F D F F B A A A C D
Northwest C D C F D F C D D B A A A B F
Portsmouth D D D F B B A C F F D F D NR F
Sciotoville D D D F C C NR B F C F F F D F
Valley C D C F D D C F F D A A A C D
Washington-Nile C D C F B B A F C B A A A D F
Wheelersburg B C B D B B A C C A A A A C D

By Kimberly Jenkins

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Reach Kimberly Jenkins (740) 353-3101 ext. 1928

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