Commissioners discuss property taxes

By Ivy Potter - [email protected]



The Scioto County Commissioners met on Tuesday and discussed delinquent taxes around the county.

Assistant prosecuting attorney Danielle Parker informed commissioners that default letters with regard to treasurers contracts had been sent out. Nine letters were sent out with regard to default on treasurer contracts, including 15 parcels. Parker stated that the cases already being reviewed by the prosecutor’s office were sent letters out to allow parties 10 days to take action, while cases not yet in their pipeline were given a 30 day letter. Parker stated that all those individuals are now included in spreadsheets and being tracked in the tax foreclosure process.

“Our delinquencies are high,” said Commissioner Bryan Davis. “The prosecutor’s office does as much as they can with the resources allocated to them. They do a good job, they collect quite a bit every year. A lot of people come in, they pay, and or enter into treasurers contracts. But there are some foreclosures, individuals who choose not to or estates that are unclaimed. One of the things we notice is this number is creeping up and property taxes are important because they serve so many purposes. Schools, around 60% fund schools, you have your levies, DD levies, children services, library, several things at the township level. Those are very important. We have individuals who have gone many years and have not paid. We are looking at that working with the prosecutor’s office and with the treasurer to take care of some of those. We need to be able to do more because that number is quite high. There are some that will never be collected.”

Davis stated that collecting taxes are their responsibility as government.

Parker stated that if someone owes delinquent taxes and wants to know what they can do they can call the prosecutor’s office, treasurer’s office or come in and talk with someone. “We’ll work with you as much as we can within the law, but you need to take the steps,” said Parker.


By Ivy Potter

[email protected]