New Boston sets Trick or Treat night



Promotions were made to firemen at The New Boston Village Council’s first meeting for the month of September on Tuesday.

Mayor Junior Williams opened the meeting and roll call was taken, with all members in attendance. The mayor discussed with council that the purchase of the new vehicles is now in the hands of the bank.

New Boston Village Administrator Steve Hamilton informed council that he had mailed out approximately 40 letters to people telling those who have junk cars and vehicles in their yards that they have to have them removed. Hamilton also discussed the improvement that was going to be made through the Corps of Engineers and that the motors of pumps are going to be worked on through FEMA. Finally, Hamilton said one of the old garbage trucks was up and running again and they plan to overhaul it to a one axle vehicle.

New Boston Chief of Police Steve Goins discussed with council they still are experiencing vehicles being out of service and the Ford’s have one at a time been getting fixed because of a recall. Also discussed was the police department still having two members out with injuries.

Fire Chief Chris Davis first thanked Walmart for a $1,000 donation to the fire department. Also during the meeting, Williams read two letters from Davis, the first a recommendation from Davis to promote Kyle Cline to the position of Driver, a motion was made by Councilman Dan Fetty and seconded by Councilman Ryan Ottney and the vote was taken and passed. The second letter was a recommendation to promote Zach Hayes to the position of Lieutenant. A motion was made by Councilman Fetty and seconded by Councilman Jon Mills and the vote passed. Davis thanked council for their votes.

Ottney brought up a motion to have the mayor along with council to bring in to the next meeting the correct wording for Light Duty Policy. Mills seconded that motion and all were in favor. Then a motion was made to bring in the correct wording for the Policy for Injury by Ottney and was seconded by Councilman Ralph Imes.

Village Clerk Lana Loper read Ordinance No. 28-2019, an ordinance to remove Chapter 181 (Income Tax) from the codified ordinances. A motion was made by Councilman Fetty and seconded by Councilman Mills to declare it an emergency and then a motion was made by to adopt and seconded by Councilman John Whisman and all were passed.

Loper then read Resolution No. 8-2019, a resolution supporting the Ohio Municipal League (OML)position on H. B. 49 and H.B. 5 (Centralized Tax Collection) and asking the OML to include the Village of New Boston as a municipality supporting the OML Amicus Brief before the Ohio Supreme Court; and declaring an emergency – motion made by Fetty and seconded by Ottney and passed.

Loper then read Resolution No. 9 A resolution accepting the amounts and rates as determined by the budget commission authorizing the necessary tax levies and certifying them for the county auditor and declaring an emergency – motion made by Fetty and seconded by Ottney to suspend the rules – motion made to adopt by Fetty and seconded by Ottney, both were passed.

Loper then the read the final Resolution No.10-2019 a resolution establishing October 31 as Trick or Treat in the Village of New Boston, with the times being the same as last year – motion made by Ottney and seconded by Mills and then passed by council. The meeting was adjourned.