By Mark Richard

Dr. Jeff Hanes with his new Cryotherapy technology.

Dr. Jeff Hanes with his new Cryotherapy technology.

Fancy Hobbs enjoying a Cryotherapy session.

The Cryotherapy craze has hit southern Ohio.

Dr. Jeffrey Hanes, a Chillicothe Chiropractor, says once he put the Cryotherapy in his office, patients were a little hesitant at first, but said he now has them coming back for more sessions in the freezing chamber. According to Hanes he has the only chamber in southern Ohio at this time. He said the cost is rather high to purchase, but said the benefits of seeing his patients feel better are worth it.

Hanes said he treats patients mainly with joint and muscle pain, saying the extreme freezing temperature reduces inflammation which causes pain. He said the majority of his patients have seen good success so far.

There are a few people, with heart disease and high blood pressure who are advised not to try Cryotherapy, which has been popular in Europe for some time, but only recently has made it to the US. Some professional athletes are known to have a chamber in their homes for their personal use.

Hanes said he recently had some members of the Valley High School Football team do a session with him. He said at least one messaged him the next day saying he felt really loose and relaxed and ready for their opener against Portsmouth High School.

“It is a great form of pain management. Once they do it they’re hooked,” Hanes said. “You just feel better. You feel like you’re ready to go.” He said it may not cure whatever is ailing the patient but it will help manage the pain without the use of dangerous pain medications.

And the cost for treatment is only $25 for an initial visit which only takes 3 minutes in the chamber. For multiple visits the cost gets even lower.

Hanes said the chamber is very safe, saying the operator must log in with a password and fingerprints, as well as the patient. The patient is constantly monitored while in the chamber. If there is a dangerous spike in blood pressure, the operator will stop the process.

Hanes said the extreme cold temperatures puts the body in freezing mode. He said it is a “dry freeze” instead of a wet cold like one would get in an ice bath. He said the cold the patient feels is really only on the surface. Gloves and heavy booties are worn to prevent frost bite during the procedure. Hanes said in addition to feeling better, the three minute process will make you burn 400 to 800 calories as well.

Northwest graduate Fancy Hobbs, who now owns her own graphics business and lives in Chillicothe has been a frequent user of Cryotherapy for her bulging discs in her neck and back. She said she was very hesitant at first, but is now a firm now that she feels so much better.

”I went into cryotherapy a little nervous of the unknown. Since I had been recently experiencing a lot of pain with inflammation in my lower back, neck and knee my curiosity got the better of me,” Hobbs said. “After speaking with Dr. J.T. Hanes and much online research, I was eager to try it. Afterwards, I had instant pain relief, improved mobility, a sudden boost of energy.

“It felt amazing and I loved it! I plan to do it again and often, to make it a part of maintaining my health,” Hobbs said. “I am excited that southern Ohio now has something like this and the health benefits it brings to the area, instead of having to travel so far.”

According to Healthline there are a total of seven proven benefits of Cryotherapy including: reducing migraines, numbs nerve irritation, helping with mood disorders, reduces arthritic pain, may help to reduce low-risk tumors, may help prevent dementia and alzheimers disease, and treats atopic dermatitis and other skin conditions. A full report can be found at

“It will make you feel fresh and invigorated,” Hanes said. “People are so relaxed after using it.”

Dr. Jeff Hanes with his new Cryotherapy technology. Jeff Hanes with his new Cryotherapy technology.

Fancy Hobbs enjoying a Cryotherapy session. Hobbs enjoying a Cryotherapy session.

By Mark Richard