McManus running write in campaign for 4th Ward Council

By Ivy Potter -



Andrew McManus, 4th Ward resident and Operations Manager of eFlow Development and Patties & Pints, has announced his write in candidacy for 4th Ward City Councilman. According to McManus the decision has come following a series of discussions on politics with 1st Ward Councilman Sean Dunne and after seeing the need for change within the ward.

“I’m lucky where I’m the operations manager of eFlow and Patties and Pints, part of my job, and now with the Community Now column, I can go meet people and I can find the good stories, and learn about what’s going on in town.”

McManus states he feels being involved and up to date on the important issues is essential to being on council. “I think that goes hand in hand with a councilmember,” said McManus.

McManus stated he wants to see the 4th ward included in Portsmouth’s current wave of revitalization.

“I live in the 4th ward obviously, and in my opinion the 2nd Street revitalization, the Boneyfiddle, that can be pushed out into other wards and that’s what I’m going to do.”

McManus said he is going to begin by focusing on clean-up efforts and is planning a community clean-up event for the end of September with the help of Will Robinson, Patties and Pints Chef, and is in talks with the city to get a dumpster for the clean-up day.

“It’s not me in office, that’s just me getting to meet people and show people this is what is going to happen when I am elected,” said McManus. “It’s not going to be a one-time event, this is going to continue. In my opinion, even if you rent in the ward, you should still take pride in your area. I’ve heard a lot of people say they feel the fourth ward is disconnected from the rest of the town, that may be the case but it shouldn’t be. That is going to change,” McManus said. “We’re right now in a renaissance, there are so many people in this town that are growing and pushing the envelope. In my opinion this can go everywhere, not just in one little area. It’s going to spread out and it’s going to. Not only does it help property value it gives you pride in your area.”

McManus said he would be interested in getting a second dog park established in Portsmouth in the fourth ward, as well as additional projects that would create recreation opportunities for all within the ward, and work on improving connections between the area and Shawnee State University. “The more things we can bring into these areas the more people we can bring in,” said McManus.

McManus stated he would like to have the same impact on council that 1st Ward Councilman Sean Dunne, who in his short time on council has played a major part in establishing the Spock Memorial Dog Park and a skate park in the downtown area, has been a fresh voice with new ideas. “I think that interjects a lot of positivity and energy when it’s needed. I’m not here to smear anyone but I feel that fresh voices are needed sometimes, especially if those fresh voices have the determination and drive to get the job done,” McManus said. “I’m doing this because I live in the ward and I want it to grow and I want everyone to take pride in it.”

McManus stated he will not quit, or give up until he helps make positive progress for the ward and feels he is the right person for the job because he believes change is possible and necessary.

When asked why now, and why he chose to take on the difficult job of running as a write in candidate, McManus stated he felt compelled to throw his name into the running after conversations with other area politicians, and that after working so closely within the community with groups like Friends of Portsmouth, running for council just seemed like a logical next step.

McManus stressed that he wants to work hard for the ward, and on behalf of the ward to see the 4th ward grow to its full potential. McManus stressed that those who want to see him make progress for the area will need to write in his name on the November 5th ballot, and that those with any questions can contact him on his personal cellphone number.


By Ivy Potter