New Boston Police to use eCitations

By Kimberly Jenkins -

New Boston Village Council held its first meeting for the month of August on Tuesday evening with Mayor Junior Williams opening the meeting with the pledge and a silent prayer.

Williams read a letter he had received from the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The letter stated that on September 29, 2006, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued an Administrative Order(AO) to the Village of New Boston to address discharges of untreated pollutants from the two Combined Sewer Overflows(CSO). The letter continued that the EPA has reviewed the Village’s most recent submission dated February 20, 2018, in which the village states it has completed the CSO Abatement Facilities Plan and the CSO improvements plans required by the 2008 AO. The project consisted of the installation of storm and sanitary sewers in the following locations: Gallia Street, Stanton Avenue, Finney Street, Rhodes Street, Center Street, Glenwood Avenue, and West Avenue. The letter concluded that based on EPA’s review, all the projects required under the 2006 AO are completed and no further action is required by the village.

Williams also discussed with the village council about looking into prices for bathroom upgrades in the community center, which still is the original bathrooms from 1969, when the community center opened. Council and the mayor discussed what money has already been set aside and what other funds would be needed. It was decided that the finance committee will have a meeting on August 14th at 1:00 p.m.

Fire Chief, Chris Davis recommended the hiring of a firefighter 1, due to the recent position opening. Council voted to employ the firefighter providing he pass a pre-employment physical. The candidate has all the necessary certifications and will serve a one-year probationary period from his date of hire.

Police Chief, Steve Goins discussed a letter he wrote to Williams about changes to the Village Policy Manual on the topic of “Light Duty” Statue for any injured police officer or any other village employee. Goins mentioned that he at this time has two officers that were hurt on duty and were off and could do light duty while healing if there was a change in the “Light Duty” Status. Williams and council discussed with Goins and Davis some things about this and discussed bringing this up as an ordinance at the next meeting as an emergency or even possibly make it retroactive for these officers.

Williams brought up eCitation that the New Boston Police Department will be using by the first of October. This system is proposed to shorten the time it takes to issue a citation and enable the officer to complete the process and move out of harm’s way much faster. It will be to help motorists get back on their way quicker as well. eCitations will be providing mobile printers for each cruiser and a smartphone, tablet, or laptop enabling the officer to scan the driver’s license bar code, auto-populate the citation form, print the citation and electronically send it to the courthouse. He also stated that as technology continues to advance, they will expand functionality and ease of use.

Lana Loper New Boston Clerk read two ordinances, first, Ordinance No. 24-2019 establishing a “VBillage Master Pay Ordinance” and repealing Ordinance no. 21-2018; and declaring an emergency, a motion to suspend the rules was made by Councilman John Mills and seconded by Councilman Dan Fetty. A motion was made to adopt the ordinance by Mills and seconded by Fetty. Both motions were voted approved.

Loper then read the second ordinance, Ordinance No. 25-2019 authorizing the Williams to enter into an agreement with The Baldwin Group, Inc., for ODPS eCitation and declaring it an emergency, a motion was made by Mills and seconded by Councilman Ryan Ottney to suspend the rules, and a motion was then made to adopt the Ordinance by Mills and seconded by Ottney. Both motions were voted approved.

The meeting was then adjourned.

By Kimberly Jenkins

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Reach Kimberly Jenkins (740) 353-3101 ext. 1928

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