Work release program reinstated in the county

By Ivy Potter -



Scioto County Commissioners authorized the Court of Common Pleas to implement a Scioto County work release program during its Tuesday morning meeting.

According to Commissioner Bryan Davis, the board of commissioners have been working with Common pleas and municipal courts for over a year to get the program started. “We’ve finally got to a place where we could get bids from different entities to run that, and we did that and went through the process of obtaining those bids and the direction we decided to go in was to utilize common pleas court itself to oversee the work release program,” said Davis. He stated the program will work by the judges sentencing those in the jail currently, and those facing jail time to work release where they will be working around the county picking up trash, and completing various community projects.

According to Davis, the program will be overseen by a common pleas employee. A member of the court house’s security team that is currently part-time will become a full-time employee, and that individual will be taking work release crews into the county. Davis said different members of security staff may switch off duties from time to time as well, and those overseeing workers will be armed.

“It was something that was suspended a couple years ago and we’re getting that restarted,” said Davis.

According to commissioners, the work release program has the support of the judges and comes in response to members of the community stating they want to see those convicted of crimes to spend more time working in the community to work off their time.

“We think it’s a good thing and we’re following the lead of the public,” said Davis.

Davis said the judges will be working with the sheriff to get people out of the jail as soon as possible, and free up much needed space in the facility.

Commissioners stated by putting low level offenders to work in the community rather than the county jail, the program will save the county money over time.

Commissioner Mike Crabtree stated that the jail was originally designed to house 190 individuals, and now houses approximately 220. Crabtree stated that programs like the work release program are alternatives to expanding the jail.

In other matters of business, Davis stated he attended an informational meeting on Monday evening at the airport, regarding terminal renovation and design work. Davis stated that the renovation project is coming together, as well as the construction of the new road to the facility which will be breaking ground in the upcoming weeks.


By Ivy Potter

Reach: Ivy Potter (740) 353-3101 Extension 1932

Reach: Ivy Potter (740) 353-3101 Extension 1932