BMV Reinstatement Fee Amnesty Clinics set

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) was given legislative authorization in January to conduct a six month pilot program of driver’s license reinstatement fee reductions or waivers. The BMV will present a special clinic for drivers on the morning of July 24th, in the Municipal Court of Ironton, and in the afternoon at the Portsmouth Municipal Court to help people review eligibility for BMV fee waivers or reductions. Municipal court judges in those two jurisdictions will be available to consider whether other court costs or fees imposed previously by that court can be waived or reduced to help bring about a license reinstatement.

The pilot BMV program allows for significant fee reduction or waivers of BMV fees for those non-commercial drivers who are under suspension for violations like failure to appear in court,and driving without insurance. There is no amnesty for suspensions related to alcohol, drug abuse, possession of a deadly weapon or OVI. Municipal court judges like those in Ironton and in Portsmouth have joined the effort to promote the “Amnesty Initiative” and supplement it by considering other, additional costs and fee reductions that are not BMV-required, but were imposed by the court.

Persons eligible for a full waiver of the Ohio BMV fees on the covered violations must have completed all court-ordered sanctions related to the eligible offense (including payment of court-ordered fines) and be currently receiving SNAP (food stamp) benefits. Those who do not receive SNAP benefits can still qualify for up to a 90% reduction of Ohio B.M.V. fees if all court-ordered sanctions related to the eligible offense are paid and 18 months has expired since the end of the period of suspension ordered by the court.

The upcoming Ohio BMV Reinstatement Fee Amnesty Clinic is scheduled in the Ironton Municipal Court on Wednesday, July 24th, 2019 from 9am-11:30am. The Portsmouth Municipal Court will hold its event with the Ohio BMV later that same Wednesday, July 24th from 1pm – 3:30pm. Reservations must be made by calling 614-827-0504 for Ironton or 614-827-0537 for Portsmouth. Other questions can be made by calling Southeastern Ohio Legal Services at 1-800-837-2508. And, on-line “Amnesty” information is available at the website