Becker announces candidacy for State Senate

Clermont County-State Representative John Becker-a Trump Republican-recently

launched his campaign for state senator for the 14th Senate District. That office is currently held by

the outgoing term limited Joe Uecker.

The district follows the Ohio River and includes all of the counties of Clermont, Brown, Adams,

Scioto and part of Lawrence County.

Becker held the office of Republican State Committeeman for the 14th Senate District from 2004

until 2012 when he was elected to the office of state representative.

“I’ve once again been visiting with the people of my favorite counties just like I used to do

a few years ago. It’s been a joy to rekindle old relationships and create new ones,” Becker said.

Becker says he has been consistently recognized by the media as one of the most conservative legislators in the Ohio General Assembly. He said his Southern Ohio Christian conservative values fits well with the voters.

Becker says he is both a social and fiscal conservative, noting his legislative agenda is pro-life, pro-gun, limited government, and lower taxes, touting his highly exclusive rating of A+ by both the NRA and Buckeye Firearms.

Becker voted No on the gasoline and diesel tax, and introduced a bill to force county elected officials to show up for work, and crafted legislation to prevent elected officials and government employees from double dipping. Additionally, he voted no on legislative salary increases and has been giving away the net increase of his own pay to community organizations.

Becker earned his MBA, with an emphasis in taxation, from Xavier University, is a Certified

Treasury Professional (CTP), holds a school district treasurer’s license, and is a graduate of the

Union Township Citizens Police Academy. His 30 years of private sector experience is in

manufacturing, managed healthcare, and finance and banking.

Becker currently has $155,000 cash in his campaign war chest.

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