“Begin With the End In Mind”

By Marcia Harris

As you review your calendar for the year you may wonder” Is my year half empty or is it half full? To insure your best result, it is important to begin with the end in mind. It all begins with your amazing brain (your 100 billion neurons). Did you know that your determination and consistency will determine your end result.. Let’s follow a few simple (but important) steps to ensure your success in having a full year of value. Are you ready?

1. In order to maintain your focus and positive energy select a positive quote or personal statement to repeat daily. For example, “I can do anything but fail.”

2. Next, begin your day visualizing the end result. For example, “Today I expect to begin and end my day with a positive attitude; I expect to accomplish three personal tasks and three business goals (calls or meeting dates).

3. Moving on, take five (5) to 30 minutes to invest in your physical self. For example, do five (5) minutes of stretching or walking around your block or your room. It is important to visualize the end (a good workout session). This insures a healthy heart, body, and mind. Build up to 30 minutes three to five (3-5) times a week. Studies indicate that exercise benefits your amazing brain with increased circulation and focus which leads to improved decision making and direction. In addition, you need a healthy body to help you carry out your plan of action to produce the positive results which reflect your end in mind.

4. It’s now fuel time. Invest in your energy level by consuming fruits and vegetables, protein, and plenty of water. Keep in mind, it’s not how good your food tastes but how good or well your food serves your heart, bones, and muscles that determines the end result.

5. As you continue to focus on your end result, it is “mental action” time. State your three to five (3-5) goals for the day. Next, jot down “how, when, where, who, and why” your goals are important. According to the late Zig Ziglar, if you are unable to explain the above questions, you need to set a new goal.

6. Finally, commit to reviewing your end results the same time (one hour before you retire) each evening. Don’t make this difficult: see it, review it, revise it, and believe that your beginning reflects your end.

In closing, I challenging you to “Begin with the End in Mind” and jump start your amazing brain for personal and business success!

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By Marcia Harris