Visitor found Portsmouth with gratitude

By Darin Brown. - Bloomville, Ohio

On June 14th my 16 year old son and I traveled 200 miles from Bloomville Ohio to Portsmouth so I could show him the flood wall , eat at Scioto Ribber and enjoy some riding in that area. After eating at the Ribber we jumped on our bikes and headed out only making it a block and my sons bike died (something electrical). A stranger (Mike Ratliff) stopped to lend a hand and try and diagnose the problem. After checking several things he called his friend Dean Hall who showed up with a trailer , shook my hand and said….” I’ll see what I can do for ya” , this was after 8pm on a Friday and I had never met these men. My son jumped on the back of Mikes bike (mine was LOADED with gear) and we went to the hotel where Mason and I were staying. In a little over an hour Dean called and said the bike was fixed and him and Mike were delivering it to the hotel for us . I was completely blown away on how little this man charged me for his service and tried to give him double that and he refused.

to ALL of you in the Portsmouth area , you should stand proud in knowing there are men like this in your community. I will return soon for a visit . Thanks Dean and Mike for showing my son how a man should treat a stranger in need of help. It was a life lesson I know he will never forget.

By Darin Brown.

Bloomville, Ohio