New Boston Village gets a clean audit

By Kimberly Jenkins -

New Vehicles, New Uniforms, and body armor were all high on the list of items brought up at the Village of New Boston Council’s first meeting for June, on Tuesday evening. Mayor Junior Williams began the meeting with the pledge to the flag and a silent prayer.

Williams brought up to council that he and Village Clerk Lana Loper had met with the auditor for a final meeting and the Village of New Boston had received a clean audit. Loper wanted to take a minute to thank Income Tax Director Lori Jordan for her help with the audit, while Loper was ill.

Williams discussed a letter from the Ohio Attorney General’s office, stating that the New Boston Police Department was awarded $1,147.43 to purchase body armor for their officers, as part of the Ohio Law Enforcement Body Armor Program. Police Chief Steve Goins stated that this would allow them to buy 2 sets of body armor at $1,570 and the amount given would cover around 75% of the price and that this would allow the police to buy this armor for the two newest police officers.

Councilman Jon Mills discussed the recent meeting of the Finance and Wages Committee. The committee had worked on and made very few suggestions for the 2020 budget. Also discussed in that meeting was the purchasing of two service vehicles, one for Fire Chief Chris Davis and the other for Village Administrator Steve Hamilton and it was brought up to have a first reading in the Village Council Meeting for such purchasing.

Also discussed were obtaining dress uniforms for the Fire Department at the cost of $6,000 and there was a motion by Mills and seconded by Councilman Ralph Imes.

A second reading for instituting pay increases for employees of the New Boston received a motion from Mills and was seconded by Imes.

A first reading for the adoption of the budget for the fiscal year 2020 received a motion from Councilman Ryan Ottney and seconded by Councilman John Whisman.

A motion was made by Mills and seconded by Ottney on a resolution urging Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Members of the Ohio General Assembly to restore the local government fund to pre-recession levels. The first motion was to declare this an emergency, then a motion was made to suspend the rules by Mills and was seconded by Councilman Dan Fetty and then finally, a motion was made to adopt by Mills and seconded by Ottney, all three were voted upon unanimously.

The mayor asked about new business which Ottney brought up the recent Community Yard Sale and how it seemed to be down this year and wanted to discuss the possibility of having the yard sale at the stadium or someplace, where New Boston Residents could have their items in an area where they were more accessible and where they could possibly have concessions, inflatables, and music. That he did say, did not mean they could not have it at their homes, if they wanted to do so. Williams said it would be something worth considering.

The meeting was brought to a close for an executive session.

By Kimberly Jenkins

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Reach Kimberly Jenkins (740)353-3101 ext. 1928

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