“Begin with the End in Mind”

By Marcia Harris

The refreshing month of April offers an opportunity for mental, spiritual, and physical growth through nourishment and cleansing (much like nature).

The month of April also focuses on National Minority Health Month. As you discuss health and personal growth with all others, you will discover that we are more alike than we are different. I encourage you to commit to beginning each day with visualizing the end in mind. I wonder; what is it that you need? What is it that you want? Please keep in mind that the nourishment that you need comes from both a mental and physical foundation. Your success of building this foundation is based on your consistency as well as your long term commitment!

Are you ready to begin?

Studies reveal that visualizing your daily plan the evening before, with a written note ,verbal message, and meditation increases the likelihood of your success by a 1000 percent. Imagine that; imagine you!

Next, begin your new day as early as possible and follow through by taking action steps toward your vision (what is it that you want? What Is it that you need? You will soon discover the end in your mind has become your reality one step at a time! You will soon discover the end in your mind has become your reality one step at a time!

In closing, building your mental, physical, and spiritual foundation requires your commitment to begin each day with the end in mind. Your success is based on your actions steps to commit physically (your written notes) and mentally(visualizing) the evening before. Do this and your vision will become your reality!

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Have a great month of change with “endless” brain energy!


By Marcia Harris