New Boston Elected officials get a raise

By Kimberly Jenkins -

Taxes, Cars, Parks, Floods, Lights, Money and Police Officers were the topics discussed at the New Boston Village Council. While Mayor Junior Williams was on vacation, Dan Fetty, President Pro Tem of the NewBoston Village Council, filled in for him at the regular meeting of the village council held on Tuesday evening. The meeting was called to order and roll call was taken, with all members in attendance.

Chief Steven Goins had a recommendation letter submitted to the council about appointing Damon Caruso, Deputy Marsha/Police Officer for the New Boston Police Department pending the passing of all needed or necessary exams. Mr. Caruso is currently a Police Officer for the Village of Ashville in Pickaway County but is moving back to this area. Altogether, he has six years of law enforcement experience. A motion was made by Councilman Ryan Ottney and Councilman John Whisman, seconded and a vote was taken and passed to hire Mr. Caruso. Mr. Caruso will be on a one-year probationary period.

Village Clerk, Lana Loper submitted her February and March report.

Steve Hamilton, Village Administrator, gave a report on FEMA money and a grant from the Core of Engineers. He also mentioned that Strand would be doing some testing at the pump locations and other for another grant that they may be eligible for.

President Pro Tem Fetty discussed an ordinance no.12-2019 to execute a cooperation agreement and any other necessary documents with the United States of America for the rehabilitation of a federal flood control work New Boston local protection project and declaring an emergency. This will be money given to the village if passed. Councilman Jon Mills made a motion to suspend the rules and Whisman seconded it and all voted yes. Then Mills made a motion to pass the ordinance and Ottney seconded with all members voting to pass this ordinance.

The village clerk then read Ordinance 13-2019 Mills made a motion to suspend the rules and Whisman Seconded this. Ottney then Mills seconded and the ordinance passed.

The village clerk read another Ordinance 11-2019 instituting pay raises for elected officials for the Village of New Boston. Councilman Ralph Imes made a motion to declare an emergency and Mills seconded it, this was followed by a motion made by Whisman and seconded by Ottney to suspend the rules, and finally, Mills made a motion to adopt the ordinance and Ottney seconded this. All three things were passed by the village council, with only one no coming from Councilman Don Raike.

The village clerk read a Resolution 4-2019 to proceed with the ten-mill renewal of the tax levy. Mills made a motion to declare an emergency, and Whisman seconded this, followed by Mills making a motion to suspend the rules and Ottney seconded that and finally, Mills made a motion to adopt and Whisman seconded that with all three things passing.

A question was brought up about whether there was a stop sign at the red light of Oak and Lakeview Avenues and it was determined that the red light was basically the stop sign, to clarify, that question came from someone who had asked a council member to ask about it.

The last discussion surrounded the question of cars being able to park on the roads in the field area at Millbrook Park. Hamilton stated that there are signs posted that state they are not supposed to do this. The discussion continued about possibly locking the gate, but then there would be a problem if there was an emergency on the field. It was mentioned the possibility of both locking the gate and making sure the signs are posted. Nothing was voted upon or decided in this matter for sure at this particular meeting. The meeting was then adjourned for the night.

By Kimberly Jenkins

Reach Kimberly Jenkins (740) 353-3101 ext. 1928

Reach Kimberly Jenkins (740) 353-3101 ext. 1928