Wheelersburg Schools had to be evacuated

Staff Report

Sometime in the early afternoon Thursday, Wheelersburg Schools called the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office with a concern about the smell of gas in the school.

Captain Shawn Sparks from the Scioto County Sherriff’s Office said, “We had a call from the Wheelersburg Schools saying they had a smell of natural gas. We then sent deputies along with the fire department. The fire department did find an area that they believed it was coming from. The school had already been evacuated no one was hurt, no one was injured,” and at the time of the interview, “Columbia Gas had just shown up.”

Facebook had several people commenting that the school had dismissed the students early after they had been evacuated. No one from Wheelersburg could be reached at the time of the incident.

*At press time no further details were available.

Staff Report