County land transfers

Claudia Martin to Reva M. Feeman, 5503 3rd St., New Boston, $7,708.15

April & Walter Irvin, James Applegate & Brandon Hoyme, 408 Campbell Ave., Portsmouth, $7,500.00

Tyler Aidt to Maria Martinez, 1401 Findlay St., Apt. A, Portsmouth, $5,000.

Gate 7 LLC. to Timothy & Ruth Perry, 128 Crystal Dr., Lucasville, $180,000.

Grace Martin to Gate 7, LLC. Portsmouth, $120,000.00

Ernest May to Sharon Scott, 144 Joetta Drive Lucasville, $145,000.00

Sinclair Holdings LLC. to Thomas Tomlin, 15 Edenale Rd., Portsmouth $19,200.00

JCB Purchasing LLC, to Destiny Arthurs, 5816 Farney Ave., Portsmouth, $47,000.

Timothy W. Cole to Scioto Hills Baptist Camp, Inc. 1009 Martin Rd., Wheelersburg, $96,267.23

Scott D. Hilbert and Haley Hilbert to Aaron Brown and Lana Brown, 526 Simon Miller Rd., Wheelersburg, $225,000.00

Gwen Morrell to Delmas Conley, 736 Weidner Rd., Wheelersburg, $30,000.00

Carolyn Ely & James Oppy to Ralph & Tammie Cole, West Portsmouth, $12,500.00

David Pertuset to Derrick & Sonja Griffith, 2903 Henley-Deemer Rd., McDermott, $76,587.

Michael Charles to Ivin Fleenor and Rae Fleenor, 4586 Lucasville Minford Rd., Minford, $35,000.00

David L. Bussa and Cheryl A. Bussa to U.S Bank National Association, 5515 Auburn Ave., Sciotoville, $32,000.00

Ragnar Ingason to Michael & Amanda Burke to 72 Oakwood Dr., McDermott, $260,000.

USA Homeownership Foundation, Inc. to William C. Boggess, 269 Lansing Reed Rd., Jackson, $55,600.00

Linda Fraley to Jeffrey Rawlins, 10650 Main St., South Webster, $69,900.

Christopher & Christina Marsh to Michael McCallister II, 230 Hastings Hill, Portsmouth, $125,000.00

Benjamin & McKenzie Lester to Tyler & Breslyn Keller 347 Kendra Jo Drive, Minford, $260,200.

Dana Boldman to Amber Spriggs, 2017 High St., Portsmouth, $75,000

Gary Lee Layher to Robert. L Toland and Diane P. Stacey, 3009 Gephart Rd., Wheelersburg, $21,000.00

KDRC LLC., to Kelly Lope, 3046 Clover Ave., Portsmouth, $75,000.

James Darrin Middleton to Duckworth Rentals, LLC. 21 Twin Valley Rd., Portsmouth, $8,500.

Phillip J. Lajoye & Grace E. Lajoye to James Compton, 560 Flatwood Fallen Timber Rd., Lucasville, $165,000.